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  1. SNES Art of Fighting? I recall Geese as the boss of AoF 2, but wasn't Takuma (alias Mr. Karate) the boss of AoF 1 ? Hmmm...I could be wrong. You know, it's been so long since I played the series- you could very well be right. Let's just say, I have a vast collection of fighting games on my PC.
  2. Rhoemer was easy! Just climb up after shooting the guys up above, spot Rhoemer and toss one at him. He's easily defeated in less than a minute. As far as hardest bosses in that game, the Helicopter scene was the hardest for me! Antwon Girdueaux was probably the easiest. Hit him once, then hit him again and again and ....
  3. SNES Art of Fighting? I recall Geese as the boss of AoF 2, but wasn't Takuma (alias Mr. Karate) the boss of AoF 1 ? Hmmm...I could be wrong.
  4. This thread is incredable! Let's keep it going. Oh and don't mind all the rambling between me and SlyGlen! Who's the Hardest Bosses?
  5. Did you check the Arcades? Maybe he's off-line or something?
  6. That last part quote have had a / in it. Oh well, and he wasn't answering you, I don't think? My game crashed on me so better luck next time!
  7. **Spoiler** Power Ranger Spoofs, eh? Take out Pink and Green first, then focus on Black and Yellow. Defeat Red and then it's time for the ship. After each blast of the Breaker Beam, Attack with 2 of your strongest and heal with the weakest (Toadstool is best at healing). 6 enemies can be a chore, but its easy with the right strategy. As for Sigma, well , you said it yourself! (Darn, Mega Man 7 crashed on me!)
  8. Yes it was, even for me. Aarrgh, I forgot exactly what the pattern was for defeating him! I know that it was tight.....I'll try to figure it out, real quick!
  9. That's the way to do it, Sly. Come readily prepared to beat the boogery-flavored snot outta those punks! Play on, Playa' !
  10. Yeah, we sound like the founding members of a Breakfast Club. Back to the topic, I found Mecha-Turtle to be a tad bit challenging in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 for the NES.
  11. .....Now that's just silly! Go fix yourself a bowl, already!
  12. .... .....Say wha?....I can't see myself in a three-dimensional video game, running arround dodging (or shooting) Fruit Loops, Cheerios, or any other cereal-shaped nonsense. That be the weirdest dream ever! Next, your gonna' tell me how to beat Count Chocula, FrankenBerry, and BooBerry in a Castlevania Sequel.......urgh!....getting.....hungry......!
  13. Well I don't wanna' spoil the surprise, but to be on the safe side, bring plenty of milk!
  14. I'm surprised to hear that!? Usually, people progress through a series from beginning to end. Sounds like you're gonna' have ta' do a little time traveling, my friend! Metroid 2 is amazing, though not as fun as Super Metroid, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Good Luck, and......Got Milk?
  15. JUST ADD MILK. Hard + Milk = Soggy Enjoy!
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