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  1. I've tried so friggin hard to get into the SH series, it's touted as storyline of the century, and the whole life/death/pleasue settings of the 3 which so many people scream about persuaded me to get 3, I'm about 3 hours into it and there is honestly about 6 lines of dialogue (i'm just out of the sewers and am in some construction building or apartments). The monsters are really shit (other than pyramidhead from the 2nd one) and look like someones tried too hard to make them look irregular and the puzzles are mediocre and uninspiring. I'm going to work through the 3rd one just to see what all the fuss is about, and most probably will be getting 4, because curiousity will get the better of me. If anyone has any resources on the storyline or can give me a webpage with the entire story dissected for reading it'd be good, other than that I'm currently stuck with SH3 and Splinter Cell2 to play until something more enjoyable (*cough* Fable *cough) comes out.
  2. Test I can't seem to get html code to work in a sig - what gives?
  3. Well bloody played - nice addition to the already impressive SF remix section, the change at 1:30, excuse my ignorance at what a piano quartet is, but i think I can hear four pianos at 1:30, the best part of the choon. Keep up the good work!
  4. Excellent idea mate...put some illegible stuff in there too for effect and you're flying - diarys, accounts, random scribblings, wills, (remember the diary of the guy who bursts out of the closet in resident evil after you read his diary?) it'll be sweet - no idea when your synopsis of the trilogy will be finito? I'm considering getting SH3, i think its ps2/pc only though? I'd rather have it on xbox tbh...
  5. The only game of the trilogy I've played is SH2...Got to the 2nd apartment, and gave up, wish I'd persisted now though! I like intricate plotlines like you lot have described heh, never really got into it though, was more like "OMFG THIS IS SCARY LOLOL" rather than paying attention to its story...anyone got a http://junkerhq.net/CS/ style synopsis of the storyline from the original right up to the third? I'd like to read it
  6. Personally I'm more of a strings/piano fan, uplifting type stuff [Aphrodite Oceanus/Pearl Song anyone?] rather than acoustics, bit too solitary for my liking; however I was a big fan of the game, and its not like I dont like my eerie remixes ("There was a hole here" is incidentally my favourite OCR on offer). Still, it's an excellent attempt at a remix that is undoubtably difficult to remaster since the original is so, well, original
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