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  1. Why it is a far stretch 1. DOA4 and Halo have the simularties of both appearing on XBOX and XBOX360 Master Chief has never nor will ever appear on nintendo 2. Halo isnt exactly very well recieved in Japan 3. Neither is XBOX for that matter 4. That would just be..weird
  2. ...ahh Sonic Nostalgia porn gotta love it
  3. First off WHO STARTED THE CLOUD CRAP...if cloud's in brawl I will personally boycott nintendo forever..dead serious I'll even go as far as tossing my DS in the ocean if cloud is in brawl There should only be 2..TWO Square-Enix characters to even be considered in Brawl Geno and Mallow no Cloud No Squall No Zidane we dont need FF characters in Brawl FF fans already had a fighting game with there beloved franchise (Ergeiz anyone?) Geno and Mallow on the other hand would fit >.> hell I've been bitching that Geno should be in Smash Bros since the first one Second off to the person who said King of all Cosmos in Brawl..screw that I say a Katamari Damacy Stage remember when you lost in We Love Katamari? hell yeah King in the background shooting EYE BEAMS at you while talking of pompadors and why people love the great KING OF ALL COSMOS (and who doesnt by the way?) all the while randomly a Katamari rolls by by the way Dashing Prince for Brawl!!
  4. I had a revelation! Sakuri said on sonic's screen The one whose Smash appearance has been most desiredhes in from far away at supersonic speed. What does that mean..Sakuri is listening to us...he's listening to the fans and seriously I commend him for it hell Smash Bros Brawl really is one big fan-service but then another thought popped in my head.. the big poll they had when this game was announced..If memory serves Sonic was the most requested character...then I started thinking on some of the other characters that have been announced that were on that list Lyn(Assist Trophy), Diddy (Playable), Samurai Goroh(Assist Trophy), Ike(Playable), Andross(Assist Trophy).. just to name a few so chances are he might of got most of the requests that were on there in some form or another... you all are pry thinking while reading this, what of the third third party character... Sakuri said only 3 well if memory serves who was the second most wanted third party? Geno (if he counts as third party..not 100% on that one), Megaman, and Simon Belmont so its pry between those 3..2 if geno isnt third party
  5. you know who should be number 19 Viewtiful Joe..hell yeah Henshin-A-Go-Go Baby! what that was the GCN game of the year and was really loved by the critics and he'd be sweet for brawl ...though that would be a dream..sigh...chances are that Dan Smith might get in over Joe though..stupid lack of fans
  6. betya money one of his alternate colors is going to be black and red like shadow
  7. >.> Dr. Robotnik boss in adventure mode plz ktnx! or Assist Trophys of Knuckles and Tails hell how about an Angel Island stage complete with random item boxes appearing! ...the thought of Sonic music in brawl has just made me smile
  8. Naked Samus FTW laser whip and of course the stun gun not bad at all
  9. updates I'm guessing is about 3 a.m. eastern >.> not sure im in a funny timezone at the moment..really funny timezone cause the update usually happens at 10 a.m. my time
  10. if the gameplay is good then I'll buy it but otherwise might be a bit too huge
  11. indeed course you could also think (if Luigi and/or Toad get in) a co-op Mario 2 or a really bad-ass platforming version of Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga, Villians and Heros Uniting (Link/Gannon, Kirby/Metaknight, Mario/Bowser, Pikachu/Mewtwo), or in the off chance of Sonic getting in the Mario/Sonic game I always wanted though a thought popped in my head..how would pokemon trainer play in this mode? would Red run in the background following his pokemon..ride a rapidash/pidgeot..or something in that nature?
  12. Sakurai is screwing with us again teasing us with Samurai Goroh and not showing Captain Showing Ike, Lucas, and Pokemon Trainer but no Jiggly, Marth/Roy, Ness and now showing a Sonic 2 like mode with no sign of Sonic and Tails/Luigi..that being said Luigi confirmed!!! heh another way to look at it is a way I really wished 2 player DKC would be (If you play as DK/Diddy) EDIT: To Nick no Sonic 2 did it too it was kinda a hidden feature but you could pick up controller 2 and play Tails at any time
  13. sweet smash has sonic 2 gameplay!! ...now seriously sonic would be awesome...MARIO+SONIC CO-OP GAME FTW this was a good week for sakurai Excite Bike, Fox's final smash, shield, this, still missing the Jiggly though...(and Captain Falcon I guess...)
  14. hopefully it will keep the 8 bit motorcycle sounds
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