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  1. No problem, man! I've been trying to review more remixes to let artists know I like their stuff and it looks like it's working! :) 3rd Strike is still my favorite Street Fighter and your song rocks!

  2. Sounds good then! I'll have to grow my sample library because it's very lacking but I'll give it a shot!

  3. Thanks for the reply. I probably won't enter a compo until I get some more experience under my belt but it's good to know I have some options. :)

  4. Hey man I saw your MnP compo thread and had a couple of questions about it. Is it meant for people who are looking to hone their production skills? Is the judging more about composition/originality or production? I know you wrote in the thread that covers are fine but figured I'd ask for more clarification.

    I basically have zero composition skills at the moment but I'm also trying to train myself in FL Studio and getting used to the software as I learn more music theory and train my ear. So I guess I was wondering if this compo would help me do just that!

  5. That does sound fun ^_^

  6. Ohhhh slot machines. So are the games like the mini games that come up if you get a bonus lined up on a real slot machine? Or like mobile gaming type slot machine games?

  7. I remember seeing on FB that you got a job! Where's it at/what to do you do?

  8. Been meaning to add you to friends since like...MAGFest 11 lol. What's up?!

  9. Yeah we saw each other at Mag. I'll add you on Facebook.

  10. So I've got some (several) candidates: Reminiscence, The Girl Who Stole the Stars, and Another Guldove from Chrono Cross; To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X; Goldenrod City and Vermillion City from Pokemon Gold/Silver; A Sign of Hope from Lost Odyssey. I prefer any of those equally pretty much, cept To Zanarkand since it's received a lot of attention already.

    Man this isn't helping. On the topic of genre: at the moment, I'm going through a pretty rough period of my life, so I've been listening to a lot of mellow stuff. Though I'm a big fan of music telling a story so I'm thinking the song should start off more mellow but slowly builds into something that sounds more hopeful and brighter. Solo piano pieces are nice but I think the method you go about accomplishing this should be up to your discretion (i.e. surprise me).

  11. Don't know how I can thank you for such an awesome gift! I'll need a day or so to think about which song and genre I want.

  12. That'd be the most awesome thing ever.

  13. Thanks for the birthday greeting! Not often that I get complete strangers who'll do that. =)

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