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    NintenJoe 64 does completely original music ranging anywhere from rock and hard rock to death and power metal. If you like any of the songs you hear here, let me know and i'll give you a link to the cd quality versions of them. ENJOY! :))
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  1. Nintenjoe! Glad to see you around again, man. Hope all is well. :)

  2. Thanks Tables! i'm going to retouch this up and post another wip.
  3. Hello, I did a hard rock borderline metal remix of the JENOVA battle theme from FF7. Please let me know what you think. Thank you. https://soundcloud.com/nintenjoe64/final-fantasy-7-jenova-metal-remix
  4. Its been a while since i've been here. I've had a lot of personal problems, blah blah blah. Those details aren't necessary. Anyways, here's my latest WIP. Its the light dungeon from A Link To The Past from the SNES. Let me know what i need to do to pass this remix. Thanks guys. http://tindeck.com/listen/hfrx
  5. Man, are you dead? ^^ I hope you got my PM's and that everything is okay for you! =)

  6. A Wham! meets Glee meets rock meets very catchy.
  7. I never did record those guitars for you...DAMN IT!!!
  8. Yeah, that's why i added the other instruments, to help bring all the frequencies out in the song. And, your absolutely right about this song needing a vocalist. With some voxage going on on here, i think it'll really help bring out the true nature of the song i was going for. I wrote with lyrics in mind.
  9. I'm listening to them right now. VERY badass my friend, great job!! I gotta mix them in now and finish up your guitars. :D

  10. Hey man, don't forget to take a listen to the new drums ;) I hope everything is okay!

  11. I'm interested, but what genre of music are you most looking for? I usually do hard rock/metal, but i can also do electronic rock and some chiptunes.
  12. Here's a new Manowar type track i wrote entitled Burning Sky. I hope its kinda catchy. I played the guitars in drop C. I'm also looking for anyone who wants to add some vocals to it. Any particular style will do, although i would love some suggestions. I should probably post this also in the Collab forums for that. Let me know what ya think!
  13. How the hell did i miss this one!! lol Awesome song man. I love that hook too. Great vox and guitars all around. Your death metal voice is superb. Everything about this song is just perfect my friend. Actually reminds me of Mushroomhead a lil bit.
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