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  1. Agreed. Part of the reason this song has dampened so many eyes is because we can sympathize with the "role" Starla is singing, and this is because we can hear the pain of that anguished soul in these parts. I know I've already praised your song, but I can't say enough about it. Seriously, do you know the original composer? I mean, your lyrics...it doesn't sound like they were written for this melody. It sounds like this melody was written for your words. Bun Bun would be proud.
  2. I concur. A beautiful song. It makes me wonder about Mega Man's perspective on Protoman. BTW, there's one vocal that I found very cryptic: |I fear there's something hidden there |slowly killing you |but to know is half the deed |to rescue you Is this referring to the defect in Protoman's energy system that's revealed in Mega Man: The Power Fighters? Dr. Light offers to repair it, but Proto declines. He and Dr. Light are the only ones who know about the defect, so I'm wondering where you got your inspiration for this and the other lyrics of the song. Bottom line -- bravo. Keep up th
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