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  1. dude, Haista Vittu Trombi Mies just blew my damn mind

  2. word up, I have been messing with Alone in the World so I'll upload a WIP soon

  3. I just thought I might have a crack at one if it was still an option.

    Which are the important ones?

  4. Hey! What are you gonna do with all the unclaimed and red tracks in the Wild Arms project? Are you gonna release it without a song for these?

  5. i would also like to do 3 others if possible

    The Prologue Beginning From Here

    Seperate World

    Crossing Over The Raging Waves (Bartholomew's Theme)

    edit: sorry for filling up your profile wall, i promise not to post anymore :P

  6. can i have "inn" plx?

  7. snapppp, thanks for the reminder

  8. word, thanks dude, I really like the video :)

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