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  1. I fucking hated fighting King Blue in Viewtiful Joe on Super V Rated. He was cake on normal mode but on super V he gets an ass-load more hit points that just takes forever to get down. All attacks hit you for 4x damage, which means 4 hearts for every hit, 8 for certain attacks (which is more than half your health). It's also to screw up hitting him the one time he's vulnerable, and if you do, that means a whole nother round of attacks to dodge. He's really not that bad when you get his pattern down, but the fight is just so damn long. There's a follow-up fight after that one too that isn't nea
  2. If he's out of your range, stand directly below him, wait for the balls to appear. They move in two thrusts, one that moves in your general direction and one that moves to the end of the screen. The moment they move for the first time, slide to the left or right, whichever side you have more room. And in one great leap, jump over all four of them. Try to do it at the last possible second, it's kind of tricky. If you have take a hit, take the lightning (yellow) one. That does the least amount of damage. If he IS in range, hit him with a charge shot and quickly follow up with a shot of Thunder B
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