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  1. It's been a while since a song has sent such a strong chill down my spine. 0:43 I feel is one of the best parts in the song, just because of that feeling. Given, spekkio wasn't exactly the most serious character in the game, but you have done an outstanding job with your music making him seem "heroic"
  2. Amazing song, it's orchestral track with synth strings give it an excellent ambient feel. One of the best parts I feel is at 1:32 where the strings stop their drone and the piano plays the low octaves, great transition there. 1:16 where the flute came with the piano harmony had an excellent eerie feeling to it. This song, to me, portrays sadness and a touch of anxiety. It almost reminds me of something off a Myst soundtrack. GREAT JOB!!! I'm more of a medieval composer but in my experiments in ambient music, I realize how hard it is to get it to sound clear, to have a clear progression of theme, and to keep it non-cacophonous. I was never very good at ambient music .
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