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  1. For a while, I made attempts to create a piano arrangement of Aeris' theme to submit to OC Remix. However, with my meager piano skills and no real music theory training, I was doomed to fail. However, where I failed, Kevin has created a stirring and original piece that should grace any frequenter of this site's hard drive. As other reviewers have posted, I, too, am delighted by his use of the prelude theme. The progression ties in quite effectively to the tone of Aeris' theme. I enjoy every part of the song, but I am particularly moved around 3:10. The undulating arpegios coupled with his constant ascension of scales and heavy reliance on supporting bass notes gives the song a truly epic feel. Two thumbs way, way up!
  2. My favorite style of remix has got to be the solo piano arrangements, hands down. From McVaffe's "Cutman Sonata" to Noir's "Jenova for Classical Piano", I am a complete nut. Dhsu and klutz, however, stand out to me as being the best at this style. "Another Fair" is a fantastic arrangement of one of the most memorable themes from Chrono Trigger: the Millenial Fair. Dhsu seems to have taken into consideration every element that this simple, 16-bit piece offers and added his own input to it. He's slowed it waaaaaay down for a more mellow feel. From the get go he uses low rolling arrpegiated chords to move the listener into the music. I enjoy deep base notes in piano arrangements and this work doesn't dissapoint. To stay in keeping with the original, he uses bouncing, staccatto chords towards the middle of the song while speeding it up slightly, giving the air of excitement, allowing the listener to imagine the fair atmosphere. As the song nears its end, he lightens the mood by playing a few variations on the higher end of the keyboard. The final chord could be altered slightly in my opinion, but overall this piece screams Millenial Fair at Twilight. Awesome job and keep up the good work!
  3. Oh my dear, sweet, heavenly God... this is one of my favorite remixes to date... Fantastic job on this entire piece. In my opinion, it's better than the original. You could easily substitute their remix into the game and it would be exponentially better because of it. Anyway, to the review. One of my favorite aspects of this remix is the use of sound bits from the game. Wing flapping, dragon cries, even speech from different characters in the game. Fantastic use of gating with the dragon calls. Headphones are must when listening to it because you get the best stereo effect. It's slightly long for my taste and it takes its time building to the good stuff in the middle of the track. All in all an excellent job of taking the original, making it into something completely unique, but still keeping the same overall feel. Congrats!
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