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  1. So THAT'S why I got those issues of Maxim.
  2. Just moved into a new place and I'm going through stuff that's been in storage for a good while, including a bunch of old EGM issues from as far back as 1997. I was pretty young then and as such didn't take really good care of them, but none are missing covers/pages. I don't necessarily think they're worth money, but I feel like getting rid of them does some small disservice to videogaming history. Is there any person/group I might donate them to?
  3. Apologies if this has been discussed previously. Picked up the Xbox Live Arcade version of this game a couple nights back. Nostalgia factor was considerable; it was one of the first arcade games I ever played when I was like four or five. Fifteen or so years later, I don't really feel like it's that great of a game. I got really frustrated playing the arcade cabinet when I was a kid, and it had a good bit to do with me sucking at the game, but looking at the game's design now I realize it really was set up to eat loads of quarters (derp, it's an arcade game). Still fun to breserker barrage sentinels as Wolverine, but the game overall doesn't hold up that well. Anyone else played this/have memories of the old arcade cabinets?
  4. Thanks for the assistance(s). I tried a file search last night but got zilch; of course I may have been given an incorrect name, so who knows. I'll try what you guys've suggested when I get my hands on the machine after work. Thanks again, if you have any more ideas please lemme know!
  5. Hello all, Trying to help a family member recover a file on a windows xp machine. She opened the word file from an email attachment and just kept ctrl+s - ing and then closed the file when she was done. I've been looking for a temp folder, but I'm teh suck and don't know what to do because I use a Mac and don't know how to Windows anymore. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Has anyone else seen the trailer for the new SSX? I enjoy Modern Warfare and I really love the SSX series, but combining the games like this looks like total poop. Sad facial expression.
  7. Wes, I'm gonna have to send you an FR since we don't have the convenience of all the OCR peeps being in one dedicated list anymore. Watch for/accept it plz. Kthx
  8. Well, we may not be able to help you with any of those achievements, since most are for FFA, but send one of us an FR and we'll start playing. Mine's Darkflame894, and while I can't guarantee consistent online-ness, i can give you tags for other clan members. (Accursed lack of clan support on 360!) @Wes: 1 central? Meep, may not see much of youz then; I usually get off around there (2 EST). T_T I'd holler at Deimos, but I assume he's far to engrossed in Ace Combat to pay any attention to bodily functions, let alone dear old Darkflame...
  9. ZOMG ICY WHY R I OFF UR FRIENDS LIST!?!1/ In all seriousness, though, do you guys play most nights? I see this thread hasn't been bumped in a fortnight or so, (hurrah British expressions) so I'd assume that you aren't...
  10. Shit. haven't been 'round these parts in awhile; guess that'll change now that it's time to finish the fight. Just got done playing rocket race with Metrion and some of my other Halo buddies, and ZOMG. Best. Gametype. EVAR. Epic lulz the whole time - I imagine Metrion'll back me up on that, at least I think he will (quiet person + quiet mic = hard to hear). We gotta play it again with a bunch of the dudes from the clan.
  11. Not everyone likes this kind of music, I know. Not really looking to start a debate about genres of electronic music here, but I heard http://upliftingtranceloop.ytmnd.com/ that song about a year ago and made an account on Beatport just so I could pull the track down. I recently got an email from the site saying my account's still active (I haven't used it since dl'ing the song), so I figure I may as well use it for something. Maybe I don't have a really discerning ear for trance, but I know I liked this song and if anyone could recommend some stuff similar to this I'd really appreciate it.
  12. More the chill type, perhaps spacey - Aphrodite Oceanus by The Wingless is the best example that I can give of this sort of thing. Something you'd listen to if you're lying on the beach looking at the stars.
  13. Ah, thanks much to all for the myriad suggestions. Any more good ones out there? Working the nighttime angle possibly?
  14. I'm going to Tobago here in a couple weeks - gonna enjoy the beach and (hopefully) get a tan without deep-frying my fragile complexion. However, in addition to the SPF-1000, I'll need some tunes. Can I get some good suggestions for beach listening? OCR stuff preferably, but if anyone's got some other good ideas I'm wide open. Nighttime listening is just as important as daytime, though, so suggestions of some good after-dark ethereal stuff would also be appreciated (Aphrodite Oceanus FTW). Thanx dudez!!!1
  15. So I played with Stryker today for the first time in like, 6 months, but then he had to go shoot some squrrels...0_o Anyone gonna be on tonight, tomorrow, etc.?
  16. Ah, yes, Deimos, you must try for a betrayaltacular next time we have enough people. On a Halo-related note, has anyone else picked up the Halo GN? Bee-yoo-tiful artwork in there; someone needs to make some sigs out of it. And finally, a moment of silence for Mako.
  17. Yes we did; that should happen every week.
  18. Yeah, I will hopefully be able to make it too. See y'all then.
  19. Ooh, peoples gonna be on tonight? Count me in...with my new HDTV. *win*
  20. Amen, brudda. We played until about 3 EST (the "E" is for "Egypt"), and had much fun. That should seriously be happening at least once a week.
  21. It will be worth it. Say what time you're getting on, and I (at least) will be there.
  22. Going out of town for tomorrow, but I'll be back Friday afternoon. I really hope to see some people on that evening. Might I suggest people who can (and will) be getting on post within the next day or so? I recall 53phy and Metrion (and a few others) saying they were in.
  23. We could turn off the pistols. And put on team damage. And play on levels we agree on. I haven't really played it much to tell the truth, so I don't have a lot of knowledge about little tweaks to the gametype; I just know it was fun when I played it. Hell, we could even start two guys as zombie. Seeing as most of the people in the clan are reasonable, I'd think it would be worth a shot to try it again. Pretty please?
  24. Die. Now. No kidding. OMGnoloveforzombies? I've found that isn't the best means of persuasion in some cases : P
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