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  1. Absolutely ditto'd. I would scold everyone in the clan for not getting on... and here I am... not playing Halo 2... I'll ditto that as well; I never find time to do "real" gaming these days, i.e. sit down for a major chunk of time and really get into it, which is what I usually need for Halo. Like 53phy, I will be on for the latter part of the 25th. I hope to see everyone on during the coming week, and I think it'd be a fucking blast if we could get some big games going on the 25th, like zombies and *dadadum* Cyborg Ninja. EDIT: Is it alright to bring non-OCR peoples into the party when there's a bunch of clan guys in the room? I've got a couple of guys I usually play with when I'm on; they're good sports and fun to play with, so I like to get them into the party when I can.
  2. *Seconded* Well, for all of those who aren't going by a Canadian calendar, we should specify a date. I'm thinking the 25th, the day after REAL Thanksgiving (the 25th is a Friday).
  3. You see that? Follow her example, guys. I ain't goin' nowhere for the holidays neither, so I should be able to get on most of the time. And what about Thanksgiving? Most people get a day or so off; we need to all get on one night.
  4. I like that idea. Problem is, though, people usually just get on when they can; the meeting times don't seem to hold up too well.
  5. Shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! Forty-five minutes too late! *Darth Vader scream of anguish*
  6. Yes. Here's what we do: get four of us (incld. you) into a party, play skirmish, and beat the living hell out of EVERYONE we play. I <3 low ranks Played a bit this afternoon/evening, hope to see you guys on later as night falls for the west coast group.
  7. Damn. It. I was just hanging around, but of COURSE it's the one night I don't check OCR for people. Oh well, anyone gonna play tonight?
  8. Curse you and your timezones!!! I never see a lot of you guys on because of the time differences, and Live currently has trouble getting me into parties with clan members and vice versa (it's happened with a group of people I play with in times past, so it should resolve itself eventually). I'm beat tonight, hopefully on a bit tomorrow in the afternoon and evening...Eastern Time. CURSES!
  9. Yeah, hopefully I'll be on a bit today as well. I've been busy the past week with Star Wars: Republic Commando. Decent bit of gaming (for about a week on single player), but I'm done with it now, so hopefully I'll see you guys on today. (And tomorrow; national holiday, bitches!)
  10. That's badass. Next time you're gonna do some clanmatches, let me know (I'm Darkflame); I'd be glad to help increase the clan rank. EDIT: Just gotta post this again. http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStats.aspx?panel=stats&gameid=310250565&player=Darkflame894 :3
  11. He speaks da troof. We had fun; kicked ass in Double Team and Big Team, and we also got up on top of Lockout and Foundation just for kicks. Oh, and this: http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStats.aspx?panel=stats&gameid=310250565&player=Darkflame894 No one from the clan there for this, but still. Yes, it was Lockout with 12 people, and yes, I had a sword, but still. Ya can't argue with them seven stars. Hooray for bragging fun!
  12. Yeah, I'll be on without a friend, so I get the full screen!...of 20 inches and mono sound...OK, not all that great, now I think of it, but oh well. I'll also have a copy of Burnout: Revenge if anyone else in possesion of that game wants to play a few rounds. Also, what time zone is Deej in? 'Cause if he's talking 8 PST, I want to be on at the right time, instead of three hours early. EDIT: Heh, I totally started the last two pages of this thread. H4x0r3d!!!1
  13. Bam. I'm there, hopefully. I may have a buddy along as well, which cuts my screen size down to an ungodly 10 inches or something, but I shall still play, just don't expect anything too passable from me. See you tomorrow night!
  14. Yup, that's the tag I sent the message to. Welcome to the clan in advance. And music? Mmm...the only Metroid Prime remix, "Just a Little More (Prime Edit)" was pretty good, I thought. Ooh, and the Legend of Zelda: WW and FFX stuff, too.
  15. I'm teh i nvite (read: I sent the thing) Oh, shit, I might've sent the invite to the wrong dude, I'm not sure. Can someone confirm?
  16. Whoo. Fun times in Multi-Team this evening. Hope we can do that again tomorrow or something. I met redchlorine and metrion; hell, maybe I'll have played with all the clanners (who still log on) after a while.
  17. Crap! Why do I always miss you guys? Oh well, maybe tonight or something, definently this weekend for me. And yes, multi-team is the fun (I also like team snipers on occasion).
  18. Whoo. Some fun gaming with clan dudes this weekend (and by clan dudes, I mean only Strykr). Looks like weekend will be my prime (if not only) XBL times, so I hope to see more of you guys on next Fri./Sat.
  19. I think Saturday night will work well. 10 eastern, or did we change it? Also, is it just me, or does The wingless pop up every few pages just to insult us?
  20. I agree. Since Labor Day weekend is coming up, and lots of us won't have work/school, we should all try to get on a couple of nights. I can do Fri. Sat. and Sun., but only a bit on Sat. night cuz the Cowboy Bebop movie comes on [adultswim] <3
  21. I should be on for a good bit of this evening. Hope to see some of you guys there.
  22. Whoo. Played a bunch of games last night with clan members and assorted friends list peoples. We had some really fun games, including a round of shotgun KOTH that I particularly enjoyed. http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStats.aspx?panel=stats&gameid=279626807&player=Darkflame894 Check teh kills. Think I was host? Hope to see you guys online tonight, at least 'till Midnight EST-anime time on Adult Swim (<3)
  23. Bah. Stupid vacations. OK, well, I'm back now (because you missed me, admit it), so I can play a bit more hopefully. I also picked up a copy of Splinter Cell CT the other day. Anyone care to lend a n00b a hand in the online?
  24. I agree. I haven't played with any of you guys, which makes me a sad panda... Also, yeah, ID and dyno are "stuck" according to my clan list. Lastly, I cash in fairly early (midnight eastern), when the night is still young for most of you guys. If all else fails, though, sleep can be cut out. It's something I can do when I'm dead...
  25. Thanks for teh i nvite, I accepted it. Is the meeting time still 10 PM eastern? I can make that.
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