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  1. An artist named Conlon nancarrow used to create music by punching holes into piano rolls for an automatic mechanical piano he developed.

    He would sequence fast passages in a staggered fashion and many musicians thought his music was manually played and developed crazy new techniques to replicate the very fast syncopation. The were not aware of a mechanized piano.

    The opening theme has a straight example of such music, chiptune sequencing the same as nancarrow used to do. It's nice to see old standards in new formats.

    Hmm.. interesting. Although.. some times is a bit too crazy :-D

  2. I'm pretty sure we're overeacting here, as Brandon just said "he might know a mixer who could help". I got his point right from the start, as I knew he was not volunteering Will, so no worries.

    No need to argue over these forums.

    No promises, as I'm currently short on time, but if I can find myself on the brink of boredom during the next couple weeks, I could make some sweet love to that Enemy Assault Truck song.

    I'll sign you up on that track :D.

  3. Where does this project stand right now? Not much activity in a few months, which has me worried, because Bionic Commando has some fantastic music and a project is perfect for it.

    I recently did a finished wip for my track.. Been waiting for feedback for a long time, but seems like all the people are kinda M.I.A.

    I guess I'll finish my track , and set a new deadline date.

    What about October 1st?

  4. Updated the first post to match the next deadline. (june 1st)

    Well that's unfortunate. I listened to it and it's like one short repeating part. It would be super hard to make a mix of that which isn't repetitive or too liberal. It might work well as a laid back, jazzy type piece. Maybe see if Josh Morse is interested, you never know. He's made some pretty good mixes from some pretty not-good sources before. :-D And I'm not saying this source isn't good, it's just short.

    Being honest....I'm not too much of a fan of that track..:tomatoface: but some people are just incredible at arrangement, and I'm really curious to hear what a talented musician can do with it. :DDD


    I'll do the neutral area. Just wait 'til my other track is done, then give me another two and a half years to complete it. It'll be fucking gold, man.

    Ok man, PM me or post here whenever you're ready to go.

  5. I might be interested in taking a shot at the map theme, depending on the atmosphere of your other tracks so far. What I have in mind would be a calm, mostly acoustic, sort of campfire-side tune. "Ok, We'll Stop For The Night" or something. Can't promise anything at this point so you don't need to stop looking for a less risky candidate to fill the slot. I won't expect you to trust me with anything until I have something to show.

    Oh, and if you've already achieved your laid-back quota for the project, that's fine too.

    It's good, we can have more than one remix per track. :-)

    Ask Willrock about forum information.

  6. Even MORE bad luck with his computer? That's not good. He was having computer issues over the Summer as well.

    I mean, as long as he's determined to get the project done, great. It'd be cool if he bumped Willrock up to acting director until his computer problems and school are finished.

    The computer is FINALLY fixed. When you make your own computer, you gotta be careful about possible component incompatibilities, and check if the components were handled properly during shipping (for instance, my 3d card was broken, because there was no foam http://www.bestbag.com.mx/media/Foam$20Antiestatico.jpg in the box, so the card was broken while it was shipped).

    Now I gotta get myself a 64-bit version of windows 7.

    I know i haven't been around much, but third year of engineering demands a lot of work. But don't worry, this project will be finished . In the worst case, i'll pull out all my remaining wips in the summer vacation, and polish the whole album :-D My idea is to do at least one track these christmas.

    EDIT : Now that i read the posts above, if Willrock wants, i can name him director. I don't mind, because i've been absent for a lot of time. However, I still answer questions at the forums, check the wips and provide criticism. All the posts you do on the bcforum reach my mail :D ATM, I guess im more like a really crappy assistant XD

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