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  1. Hmm.. interesting. Although.. some times is a bit too crazy
  2. Sick tune, . I'm a fan of everything bLiNd does, and this track is no exception.
  3. I refuse to remix games with no soundtrack for obvious reasons ..
  4. LOL.. I like the idea. I send through PM my track. You can jam all over it as much as you want. It's an old track though
  5. What a pity I couldn't participate in this one.. I had to quit from all my internet life to finish 3rd course on college. I hope the best for this project.
  6. Hey, better sign me off this one, as I doubt I'll ever get the time to finish it. In 2 weeks I'm moving for a year, and I'll leave my equipment at home.
  7. I'm pretty sure we're overeacting here, as Brandon just said "he might know a mixer who could help". I got his point right from the start, as I knew he was not volunteering Will, so no worries. No need to argue over these forums. I'll sign you up on that track .
  8. Heh, that would be great Also, I'm kinda curious to see what comes out from that collaboration.
  9. We have 3 unclaimed tracks: Opening, Neutral Area and Enemy Assault Truck. We need remixers to help out!!
  10. Oh my god.. you changed your username!! :-|

  11. Ok. Set to October 1st. Please check my last WIP Boss intro/Boss BGM and gimme some feedback. I wanna know if it's ok before i start the production phase.
  12. I recently did a finished wip for my track.. Been waiting for feedback for a long time, but seems like all the people are kinda M.I.A. I guess I'll finish my track , and set a new deadline date. What about October 1st?
  13. Happy birthday!! :---DD

  14. I left a message explaining the whole thing at http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=34183 .

    Tell me what you want me to do, and I'll get right away with it. :D

    BTW,.. is it me or there is only Brandon's wip? :-3

    EDIT : added emoticon! :DD

  15. Your birthday is past tomorrow! . Since I know I'm gonna forget ... happy birthday!. :-DD

  16. Updated the first post to match the next deadline. (june 1st) Being honest....I'm not too much of a fan of that track.. but some people are just incredible at arrangement, and I'm really curious to hear what a talented musician can do with it. :DDD Ok man, PM me or post here whenever you're ready to go.
  17. It's good, we can have more than one remix per track. Ask Willrock about forum information.
  18. Ok, first post updated. Benjamin briggs is on the tracklist. Im dropping the track "Map", because Nubioso's been very busy (so do i), so it's quite unrealistic thinking about finishing it. BTW, Willrock, you're director. I changed my role to "assistant". (...Let's hope in the future i can prove im worthy of being director again )
  19. The computer is FINALLY fixed. When you make your own computer, you gotta be careful about possible component incompatibilities, and check if the components were handled properly during shipping (for instance, my 3d card was broken, because there was no foam http://www.bestbag.com.mx/media/Foam$20Antiestatico.jpg in the box, so the card was broken while it was shipped). Now I gotta get myself a 64-bit version of windows 7. I know i haven't been around much, but third year of engineering demands a lot of work. But don't worry, this project will be finished . In the worst case, i'll pull out all my remaining wips in the summer vacation, and polish the whole album My idea is to do at least one track these christmas. EDIT : Now that i read the posts above, if Willrock wants, i can name him director. I don't mind, because i've been absent for a lot of time. However, I still answer questions at the forums, check the wips and provide criticism. All the posts you do on the bcforum reach my mail ATM, I guess im more like a really crappy assistant XD
  20. @JH SOUNDS : Okay, I'm marking it as claimed . Log into the forums, and I'll grant you access to the wip section. EDIT: JH Sounds permission granted
  21. University , done for a month. I'll be updating everything.
  22. Hey man, sorry for the late reply. I'll be absent until mid july, because of final exams. I'll make a post on the forums and in the bc site.

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