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  1. yeah sorry ive been working on an EP and playing a lot of shows i'll try to get a WIP up in the next couple days
  2. yeah man you should totally sample some real metal drums and just effin wail go on give us a snare rush
  3. http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=61152 This is the link to our WIPthread of the Shadow Theme. listen if you want ! Need some feedback on it. New Update will be up soon (when Floaf has done some work on it) On the version that is there now is only my work.. hahaha i was going to say something like you do not want to ask me what i think of something because no matter what i will say "it needs to be harder and faster" this is pretty dope though, the drums sound like presets? i dont know much about making music besides what i use but are you using cubase?
  4. if someone else is doing team shadow i can do a different one just to try to fill the whole thing out
  5. i'd def be interested i'd like to do track 19 on my nsf file, i couldnt get the rar to open (i'm using a mac) if it's definately different from what's on yours i'll upload an mp3 of it and you can tell me which one it is
  6. man i wish i had started posting here sooner milky way wishes is my favorite part of kirby superstar
  7. is this pre or post rendering? a lot of the times if clipping is going on you need to take down the bass or if there's not much bass just take the volume down in little bits untill it sounds good
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