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  1. Funk Fiction

    Forum username change requests

    Thank you.
  2. Wow, thanks man. That means a lot. Just a trivial FYI, but.. I wasn't planning on entering as I can't afford the time to participate on a practical level, as I normally pour a lot of energy and hard work into writing music, let alone time spent at work/daily errands/etc. Changing my mind was a result of choosing to compromise my production efforts to be more casual, so I'm really joining in more for fun than for competition. That being said, I'm really looking forward to what all the other talented participants will come up with! Cheers! - Pej
  3. my top zone picks: 1. hydrocity zone (sonic 3) 2. chrome gadget zone (sonic 3) 3. final boss (sonic 2) 4. marble zone (sonic 1) 5. green hill zone (sonic 1)
  4. Funk Fiction

    Forum username change requests

    Hi! Please change my current username from "Ren" to "Funk Fiction". Thank you! - Pej