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  1. Wow, wow, wow!!! I absolutely loved both of these songs, it was such a hard vote. @Jamphibious groovy, well-produced, great instrumentation as always! @Garpocalypse daaaaaaamn, I think this is the funkiest thing I've ever heard you make - I loved those dirty synths (that one that first came in at 0:28 was so juicy - another new sound of yours?) and rockin' guitar parts. Hats off to both of you fine gentlemen!
  2. Can't wait to hear the mixes from @Jamphibious and @Garpocalypse !!! I finally left some comments in the voting thread for last round. You guys all rock
  3. I really enjoyed all 4 songs across these two rounds! It was REALLY really tough voting between Mak and Arceace. A few quick thoughts: Gar: a really solid entry from you! I thoroughly enjoyed the instrumentation - the plucked strings, flute, Asian pipe thingy, the minimalist percussion - everything really clicked for me. Curious, was that Asian wind instrument thing a one-shot sample/loop or a VST? I loved the way it sounded, but I noticed as the song went on the articulation and attack seemed to be the same each time it played, so I was thinking it was a sample. It was more noticeable to
  4. Any effort that can be made to keep things on a consistent schedule would be greatly appreciated too! For example, mixing rounds will always begin on the same day, music due the same day, etc. I know it can be hard and things come up, but when I join these things I try to plan out my schedule around knowing when music will be due, how much time I have, etc. In other news, I really enjoyed the round 4 & 5 songs. Really great stuff! I'll leave some comments in the voting thread.
  5. I plan on expanding on the arrangement of my 1st round track and touching up some things over the coming weeks, so if there is any kind of final compo release planned, I'll have that for it assuming timing works out. Looking forward to the upcoming rounds, I still need to leave reviews for the Protomen! Overall what I heard was really good, nice job guys!
  6. Unfortunately nothing ever came together. I had some major writer's block. Believe me, even if I had a hot pile of garbage WIP, I would've turned that in to at least have something I'm excited to hear what you came up with!
  7. Ughhhh I don't think I'm going to have anything to turn in Excuses, excuses, but this week at work was brutal, I had family commitments over the holiday weekend, and then I got sick last night which made it really hard to focus. I'm really sorry guys, especially @Arceace cause I really wanted to have a solid showing and I hate it when folks have to drop out of these compos.
  8. Hey @DarkeSword, is round 2 of the Mega Man bracket going to start on Monday, Tuesday, or some other day?
  9. Such a good source. Can't wait to hear what you do with it!
  10. I realized this is my first compo with the new forums! Having this separate voting thread with the poll setup makes tracking votes and reviews sooooo much easier than the old format. Love it! First round was pretty awesome, nice job everyone! A few quick thoughts from me: Air Man vs Metal Man Arceace: loving this song! Probably my favorite one of the round. I love the atmosphere in the intro and the hints at each of the themes. The integration of Metal Man into the lead was groovy - nice use of SFX too! I felt the arrangement meandered a little there in the middle after the Air
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