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  1. where have i heard that before??? what were the goodies going to be, anyway?
  2. i didnt know you were a Virginia folk. and yes, while the FM99 PETA bass fishing tournament is all in fun sacrificing a goat to a videogame is crazy. maybe sony secretly sac'd it to satan for better ps3 games/sales.
  3. how do i quick reply, that is, if i ever reply again without an unmod to post in?
  4. unmod was the only reason i came back after a year hiatus. this place kinda sucks, but the say what you feel attitude of the unmodders is what made this place worthwhile.
  5. just wondering if my talents will be needed any more...anything you need of me will be done immidately!
  6. the fight with zophar where he grabs lucia and then she like sacrafices herself to heal you back to full and you have to fight him when hes got like 6 parts? its been a while since ive played it.
  7. the last form of starman in earthbound.
  8. are you eight? the most energetic thing i do is stand up and shout
  9. all the last mission bosses in all armored core games are hard unless you know what to do you gotta make a heavy tank core with the karasawa or finger machine and put yourself in a corner so they cant get behind you..
  10. kid chameleon wasnt hard, it just took 5 hours without stopping to beat. the smith-diablo2 with a level 7 paladin mr. x was a bitch cuz if you said yes to joining the syndacate you were dropped to zone 5 again (x is on zone 7 or i jus beat metroid fusion and none of the bosses were too hard, jus bash em w/ mistles with no regard to health. the big headless 4 armed boss from eternal darkness was quite hard till you learned the pattern
  11. Yeah, once RIAA casts "Metallica lawsuit" level 99, there isn't much for a main charecter to do, except flee the World Map, or use every last ounce of gold to summon "Ultimate Lawer level 99." johnny cochrine, i choose you!
  12. but you only have to fight him if you steal from the music man. kinda like in chrono trigger. sometimes theyll even take you to "the trial". talk about ripping a game off
  13. only 1 boss in mp gave me a hard time. ridley was a slight pain cuz i was playing without ANY help but he only killed me a few times. what really got me was thardus on hard mode. on easy i got him the first try but it took me 4 sessions at 2 hours each to kill that bastard on hard mode. and i dont know why. now im entering the phazon mines on hard and dont really care bout omega cuz he only kinda pwn3d me the first time. now hes gonna really pwon me but i dont care. im not gonna play it for a while cuz i just recently got addicted to lord of destruction online after a much needed ram upgrade. [/rambling]
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