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  1. I'm not accusing anyone of stacking but auto-assign is worthless when its effects are completely predictable(and they are). And how were the games last night? My memory's more than a bit foggy...
  2. Monsty

    Final Fantasy X

    You people. FF8 is only the second worst(which can be seen as an incredible feat to many). FF2j is the king, an abomination that holds the title of being the only Final Fantasy I plan to never play again. *Shudder* Of course I'm a disgusting wretch that somewhat enjoys all of them. Yeah, even 10. I know, I know... P.S. FF6 = teh bestest, natch.
  3. But I don't want to play sniper! Actually that could be pretty fun if everyone played along. Would it be possible for a plug-in to force you to your least played class? Heh.
  4. For the most part, I like those. Not sure if the 95 health thing is worth it, but I'm sure a good scout could tell me. Strangely, I think the most fun change is the super punching heavy. It's one of my favorite "fuck around" gimmicks as it is. And now potentially a significant buff? Yay!
  5. "You're doing it wrong" all over again. Damn those people for playing differently and that somehow matters so much to me that I must talk smack!
  6. The counter is not letting it happen in the first place. A ball you can launch safely from afar that magically regens every 10 seconds and completely devastates a minute of keeping the highest priority target on your team alive is not balanced in competitive play. I think it's fine-ish in casual play, though, due to more mayhem, more people, no medic limits, etc.
  7. I think the backburner could use a wider crit arc to make it slightly more attractive. Maybe it's just me. And I still have nightmares about the +50 HP monsters of old. *Shudder*
  8. When on defense, you use the flamethrower if you want to win. Otherwise it's more of an actual choice. When a friendly sentry is around, blowing stickies and neutralizing ubers are infinitely more important than sometimes killing faster. That is assuming you actually want to help your team win. If you're just solo point-whoring, the backburner is probably more effective. I used to use the BB on payload maps when I knew I could get behind the cart easily. I don't even do that anymore because one semi-aware soldier will stomp ya. Plus the amount of pussyfootin' around for the perfect ambush is usually a big waste of time. Oh, and poofing out fires is AWESOME. I do it constantly and get thanked all the time. Saving a medic and his uber is another game-winning maneuver. I'll now say "this is all my opinion" before someone whines.
  9. Interesting that you guys are talking about higher crit rates... as I was just coming here to laugh about the ridiculous number of crit stickies I was tossing on Goldrush just now. I almost felt a little bad. Almost.
  10. Hello! And I'm pretty sure my rockets do about 7 damage at point blank range. It's quite the feat.
  11. If you're a regular Crimson Card, take a few deep breaths and relax. TF2 is a vidja game. Play it for fun!
  12. I hope I didn't bug you guys too much tonight. I was off in my only little lala land and... well, if you were there you know. Have a good night, all!
  13. Does voteban(and friends) have the usual 1 = yes 2 = no, or whatever, setup? I've always hated that. I know there are revotes and stuff, but still. Sometimes my amazingness[sic] allows me to stay alive in the action long enough to not have a chance to fix my weapon-switch vote. Votes should run from 6-0... although that would shorten map options on many servers. Meh. I dunno. I don't play as much as I used to so maybe it's not even an issue.
  14. Another one I heard I thought was neato would be for regular needles to put a jarate-like debuff on targets(just for the minicrits). For balance, its duration would only be about as long as the time between two shots so you need to be nailing the guy constantly. Team not in immediate mortal danger? Dictate which target will die next with the needlegun! Just an idea. EDIT: Also, the medic's needles shouldn't minicrit unless the guy is also covered in piss.
  15. Have you tried putting: -dxlevel 80 (or maybe 81) in the startup options? Might help. It should reset your advanced video options so make sure to set those again and then take it out of the startup options next time you play again.