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  1. Really I don't know how to describe this song. If you sit down, alone, and listen to this song it's as if every emotion you experience is there. It's almost like the melody of life, as strange as that may sound. It's an indescribable song, a total masterpiece. I don't want to get bashed by anyone but I've never played MGS2, so I never heard this song until I downloaded this 'remix' but it was the most awesome thing I've ever heard. Personally I listen to a lot of rap music, but even on my rap CD's, I include this track. It's amazing. I think everyone should hear this song, should have this song. It's a great song that totally relaxes you, and engulfs you with a sense of understanding, and gives you a chance to think about the things that really matter, and gives you a chance to take a perspective look at the things that happen in your life. This sounds like a really deep review, but this is a very deep song for me personally. I wish I could shake the hand of the mixer, Jesse Taub. Total masterpiece. Regards Robert Whitis -