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Espionage: Cafe Pompei

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Ok so picture this:

Sitting outside of a lovely hole-in-the-wall cafe right on the corner of a cobblestone italian street, you glance down at your Bulgari watch and realize that your pick-up is late. You take a sip of your morning expresso and glance your eyes over the characters surrounding you. Anyone of them could be him. Your pocket rumbles as you suavely pull out a brand new cell phone. you read a text message you get from an unavailable number: "James ive got a bad feeling about this" tells you moneypenney was too late, as you see two burly men get out of a BMW across the street. Taking one last sip of coffee you mutter to yourself "time to go to work i suppose" and out flashes your fully silenced jet black pistol.

No its not the james bond theme but i wanted it to have the same feel. I got the idea for this song sitting at a starbucks sipping coffee with my laptop.

Needless to say this song is all about espionage, so i hope i brought the feeling home. Obviously its a WIP, so needs some work, but i wouldnt mind some advice on specific things as usual.


Cafe Pompei v1.3

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I cant offer any specific advice at the moment, but I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your mix. I think you got what your aiming for, and boy I'm impressed. You got some nice samples there, what were you using for soundfonts if you don't mind me asking?

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