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  1. The orchestra-only version sounds much better IMO. The guitars seem to be fighting with the rest of the instruments for frequencies. Makes listening a bit difficult on the ears.
  2. http://soundcloud.com/haematoma/systematicfailure I would like to collaborate with someone for fun.
  3. Heres a semi-old WIP that I dugg out of the vault. I'm aware of the tempo issues, but here is what I got so far. Take a listen, and if you have to do so cover your ears! Click here to download creatine.mp3
  4. I like your piece, but some of the chords hurt my ears.
  5. Downloaded this a couple of months ago, and listened through the entire album atleast a dozen times! Been meaning to say thanks, but haven't gotten around to it until now! Thanks! Very enjoyable album, and easy listen.
  6. Baddassery! Really like the mix, although in my personal preference I would prefer the drums to have a little more kick and umph. I waited there anticipate a drum solo/breakdown of some sort, but the end of the song left me wanting for more!
  7. Sounds like a nine inch nails song . I like! However: The hammer striking noise is slightly off sync which is slightly annoying. Intro could use more interesting elements to keep the flow of things before the main melody makes its debut.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions/comment; very helpful. Will be working on a reoccurring theme throughout the piece, and will be adding some variation to the drums. The song originally got started as a piano piece, but I'm still trying to figure out how I can incorporate it into the mix. As far as the whole "Christian Is a Badass" vocals goes...The song is intended to go on myspace once it is completed as my default song Thanks again, Cree
  9. Adding to what Jadison said, I have to say the stereo delayed effect on the right side piano was getting on my nerves. Either the delay timing needs to be changed or you could do away with the delay
  10. Soothing. Sounds good, except for the the right hand delayed piano. I'd mess around with the delay timing to see what u can come up with.
  11. http://www.zshare.net/audio/510363058b748d22/ Me make song. You listen, and tell wad u tink.
  12. Hello, Just made a new song, and got a friend to record the guitar section for it. What do you guys think, any way can improve it more? http://www.sendspace.com/file/nlf7gm
  13. Very Nice, I'm digging the clasical-esque arpeggios you have going on there with the piano. This is one of my favorites.
  14. Wow, they're all good. I especially like the Jungle one, and the Kaboom one. Just curious, whats the name of the flute sounding instrument in the beginning? Is it a Shakahuchi, or an Ocarina?
  15. Hey there! Just took a listen to your song. Nice job on it in terms of arrangement. Here are some things I liked about it: The right hand piano section is nice. I really liked the violins doing the counter melody. Nice job in establishing a good tempo and theme throughout your song. (The name definitely matches the song) Here are some things I noticed that you could improve/change in your song: 1. DYNAMICS!!!!!!!!! (Big one here.... Nearly every note was struck at the same velocity!!!!) While I did feel the the theme of the song, I did not feel compelled or moved by it at all. One way you can really improve this is through variation of volume. Overall I feel your piece could be a little bit quieter, and from there you could raise and lower the velocity of the notes at your own discretion. 2. Rubatto!!!!!! (Speed up and slow down of the tempo) This is another big one. You can put more emotion into your songs by putting you music into "Phrases" and speeding and slowing the tempo down at your discretion. It might seem a little unnatural at first but as you progress in composing your instinct will prove to be best. But overall not bad at all. Keep it up and don't get lazy! Always strive for the best. I look forward to hearing your updates in the future.
  16. Bump... Its rather quiet in here....
  17. Haha, how do you manage in Iraq??!?!? Do you have your own recording studio there?
  18. Well, it definitely shows! Would love to hear more of your stuff! Record more! Maybe work on a composition of your own?
  19. Wow beautiful stuff! How long have you been playing the clarinet?
  20. Tell me what you think, also could use some constructive criticism.
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