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Nah, it happens sometimes. And this is one of those times that we're all glad he's had a change of heart because AudioSurf is a really fun and addictive game. I don't play on Elite yet, mostly casual and Pro. And I suck at the Pointman system still, even if it's where the meat of the game really is.

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So I just recently discovered this game, and MAN am I loving it. I have been playing through OCR albums in one sitting that I have passed by due to lack of interest and it has been making the listening experience all levels of awesome.

Their is a 4-song free demo available if you want to check it out. Use your music or the game provided ones.

I know their is a Audio Surf 2 currently in early access, but I already have one other Steam game in early access, Starbound, and I don't want anymore.

(Side Notes, Still Elex Synn on the score boards and Steam in general :) )

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