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  1. Pretty sweet! I've yet to play SC2 but we definitely need more covers of songs from games like these. Love the synth sound, very heavy and droning and the added dialogues are a nice touch.
  2. If we're talking point & click, Scratches is a very impressive example of how to do horror and atmosphere right.
  3. YES, another Larry remix We so need more Sierra coverage. Everyone, get out there, do Space Quest, Quest For Glory, King's Quest, there's a goldmine of untapped potential out there. I'm not the biggest fan of the vocals in this track, but they don't break it for me either. Love the style, definitely kept the whimsical feel of the original.
  4. About damn time we got some more retro PC game covers Love the techno sound on this one, even if it does feel a bit busy, particularly with the added clips of SHODAN, but I can dig it either way.
  5. Never played this game, but it's great to see some more PC stuff being done Like the song, very upbeat.
  6. So I just learned of this game's existence today (well, almost existence considering it was never released) and despite its crappiness, it actually has some pretty sweet music. I'd love to hear a remix of the 2nd stage music especially, maybe done in the style of a cheesy 80's action movie soundtrack. Found an SPC rip right here for reference: http://snesmusic.org/v2/profile.php?profile=set&selected=2528 And made an MP3 rip as well: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57502026/71_Fred%20Porter%20-%20Alloy%20Processing%20Center.mp3
  7. This is the remix I've been waiitng for all my life. It rocks!
  8. About time somebody did more remixes of this awesome soundtrack I like what I hear so far. Backing track does get a bit overpowering near the beginning, and the ending is kind of abrupt. Nevertheless, good job
  9. Bag full of candy, cylinder labyrinth puzzle, pin art, joke-a-day calendar, small safe disguised as an English dictionary, cinema coupon, and 75 Euros in cash.
  10. A good friend of mine has set up a Kickstarter for an puzzle adventure game he's hoping to make, where you play as a dog and follow his life living with a family throughout several years. The goal's only $1,500 for a Unity Pro license, and there's several nifty stretch goals, including donations to animal charities. So please, spare every little bit you can The goal's shown in kroner because of technical issues, but it's otherwise legit. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1557682501/scraps-story-of-a-dog?ref=category_location
  11. The Neverhood. If you can find a copy on eBay or wherever, it's well worth the effort, especially now that it's supported by ScummVM and can run on virtually any computer. It's absolutely stunning to look at and listen to, it's funny, and it'll exercise their brainpans with the puzzles.
  12. Still haven't put out anything, nor have I thought of anything good, so I'm gonna drop out for this round too. Sorry.
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