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Phantasy Star II: Rise or Fall remix


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WIP, just cuts off where I'm at, not actually at the end of the song. (The bass line at the end was just added for fun in the this version to give it some closure, even though it kind of fits :P )

I'm not really sure where I want to go with this mix so far, so I could use some recommendations on that. I'd like to return to the style found at the beginning of the mix. Anyway, take a listen and see what you think :).

Remix title: Escape Velocity


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I like the sounds you've used, not the lead, but the others. The sound effects, tho, thecount-down and applause is, imo, lame, so if you have no problem losing it, lose it. It just makes the track feel less serious, it's distracting, and... lame.

I think the melody of the bass at the end would easily lend itself to a fast trance section, long fade from bassmelody to some more synthetic sound playing the same melody. That would really take the remix to where it should be, at least judging from its name. You established a trance sound at the beginning of the remix, go back to that, and give us a really cool trance section, and then end the remix.

I'm too lazy to look up the source, so someone else is gonna have to comment on how well interpreted this is.

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