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Hey :]

Guys, I'd absolutely love to do this myself, and crave to be doing this kind of stuff, but everytime I try to get involved with this stuff, problems pop up which are either computer related, or time related, well I have excuses, even though I know that's the lazy attitude ;]

Like many nabs born in the 80's, I love SF2. And the music is timeless and beautiful. If there is one thing about it, which really makes sense, it's the feeling of power when listening and playing/visualising the SF2 scene. I remember Balrog being really easy as Ken on SF2 turbo, but you didnt want to beat him, coz the backing track gave you so much chance to be utterly poetic in your combo(-aic[?]) expression.

Well, I love the fact that 'Sexy Trunks' was made, but I can't be fake when I say that it lacked an edge. I mean, it definetly is a good remix, because it holds the original tune yet is completely different. But imho sadly, it makes me want to impersonate a guy in flares, rather than feel my limbs react to every heave of my lungs as a righteous surge tingles through taught sinew, and.. ye!


So if someone could just read my mind, and beat me to making a mix, I'd.. erm. Love it!

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