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  1. Really liked this. I'd like to explain how it made me feel, but it's hard >_O Great work though.
  2. One of the best remixes I've ever heard. Most people fail to engage this tracks potential, but you got it. Very good..
  3. Man, your latest Sonata is great!

  4. Upbeat, cheery, warm, relaxing and energising. The more you listen, the more you admire the charisma of it all. Love it..
  5. Amazing... I'm going to wear out a whole set of headphones with this track. Thanks nokbient, you hero ;]
  6. Thankyou for the info :]] I haven't even heard of Crisis core ^^
  7. Guys, I watched the winning entry, and didn't recognise half the footage, even though it seemed to be from FFAC.. Could someone enlighten me? Slightly intriguing ^^ Please?
  8. You guys are being a little too harsh, we are all victims of our environment, so any negativity can never be put down to pure spite. Having said that, I listen to the mp3 linked. And have to admit that it does really have nice music! However, it doesn't seem like the music that really needs remixed you know, its potential has already been met! Perhaps not fully but, it doesn't sound electronic and it sounds like a lot of heart has gone into it. The thing is with MIDI files that are remixed, is that they seem like they have less dimension but there are the few that sound like they have huge p
  9. RedOrb


    Hey :] Guys, I'd absolutely love to do this myself, and crave to be doing this kind of stuff, but everytime I try to get involved with this stuff, problems pop up which are either computer related, or time related, well I have excuses, even though I know that's the lazy attitude ;] Like many nabs born in the 80's, I love SF2. And the music is timeless and beautiful. If there is one thing about it, which really makes sense, it's the feeling of power when listening and playing/visualising the SF2 scene. I remember Balrog being really easy as Ken on SF2 turbo, but you didnt want to beat him, co
  10. I realise, all this stuff... ofc. I thought though, if the lead synth was a sound font, then it could simply be changed.. The request, was basically to restore a little more of the original's essence. I found everything except the lead synth, to be perfect as a part of this style of remix..
  11. hey, Just thought i'd request an edition of this track. Firstly, I thought the track was great. I guess its hard to make the zeal theme sound bad, but still The only element I disliked was the umm lead synth thing, the track starts great and then, as soon as lead starts I feel its integrity loses something.. was wondering if you could perhaps use a version of the original lead, which is more like, umm a single note tapping.. dammit, im not good at explaining.. but the lead you had, bLiNd was just too smooth, and because the other synth elements are smooth too, there is no contrast... and con
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