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Final Fantasy 9 'Freya/Burmecia theme'


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More final fantasy mixes(ff9 to be exact)... all the same song, at different tempo's. Finale'd these all out by hand >< And it was a pain in the ass... I had a hard time finally getting Freya's theme to align up right with the Burmecian theme(despite one being a variation of the other.... yeah, I suck). Not sure which sounds best, but please, do give opinions.

The two songs I tried to combine are

- Freya's theme

- Burmecian Town theme

Drizzle - http://www.savefile.com/files/1367566

Rain - http://www.savefile.com/files/1367568

Storm - http://www.savefile.com/files/1367571

p.s. The name reflects the tempo of the song... figure it out if you don't realize what I mean.

p.p.s. These are a beta, despite the fact that I'm going to be finalizing one later today for a competition on another site(I know I have no chance of winning, but I figured the experience might help me learn something. Like how much I hate trying to mix two songs, even if they're similar)

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Which file is your remix? Try not to post 3 links without specifying which is the right one lol. It takes too much effort for us reviewers to see whats going down with your song man. Good source choice though, just tell me WHICH is your remix. K, thanks.

I'm gonna take a stab and assume that Storm is your remix. It's alright I guess...I was hoping you'd add strings, a cello and other good stuff. If it's gonna be a piano piece only, you have to make it a lot more engaging with UBER crazy arpeggios, LOTS of volume humanization and dynamics, octave changes, you know, that kinda stuff. This needs a lot more editing to do if you want an all piano piece to be YES'd. Keep at it.

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Well ^^; They're all the same piece, just with different tempo's. I'm slowly learning Reason, so I haven't quite figured out the dynamics part, though I'm working on it. I /DID/ a version with strings and such, but it wasn't that good..


I might just redo it entirely... not sure.

ohhh, that's why lol. Okay, got it I'll take a hear at that new link

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