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  1. Oh hell... this is outright amazing. I am biased towards this naturally being a piano buff and a KH lover, but... this is something like what I'd want to aspire towards as a submission in the end >< Thank you for this.
  2. All I could do was smile when I heard this. It's great XD It brings back so many happy memories(besides the poor lemmings dying T.T) Thank you so much for doing this and I think it really does deserve a spot as an OCR.
  3. Well ^^; They're all the same piece, just with different tempo's. I'm slowly learning Reason, so I haven't quite figured out the dynamics part, though I'm working on it. I /DID/ a version with strings and such, but it wasn't that good.. http://www.savefile.com/files/1368754 I might just redo it entirely... not sure.
  4. More final fantasy mixes(ff9 to be exact)... all the same song, at different tempo's. Finale'd these all out by hand >< And it was a pain in the ass... I had a hard time finally getting Freya's theme to align up right with the Burmecian theme(despite one being a variation of the other.... yeah, I suck). Not sure which sounds best, but please, do give opinions. The two songs I tried to combine are - Freya's theme - Burmecian Town theme Drizzle - http://www.savefile.com/files/1367566 Rain - http://www.savefile.com/files/1367568 Storm - http://www.savefile.com/files/1367571 p.s. The name reflects the tempo of the song... figure it out if you don't realize what I mean. p.p.s. These are a beta, despite the fact that I'm going to be finalizing one later today for a competition on another site(I know I have no chance of winning, but I figured the experience might help me learn something. Like how much I hate trying to mix two songs, even if they're similar)
  5. Well, Fishy, I can appreciate the... tenacity, but it wasn't my goal to take THIS and submit it to OCR. i'm trying to get help with how to set up things in an orchestral fashion. The first thing someone said to me when i showed them was the lack of an actual positioning like an orchestra. Panning and the likes, the second being the tempo, and the final it being somewhat repeating in places. This /WAS/ my original idea, to orchestrate this song, since I got into music. Yes, I did use a MIDI as the main source as this, though I didn't just RIP the Midi and throw it up here. As far as where it screws up, I couldn't figure out how to get Reason to do two different tempo's automatically, so I did two recordings, one at tempo 55, the other at 140 and simply spliced the two together. The large BLURPH part... I have no idea how that happened >< It didn't sound like that coming out of my Reason, at least, when Reason wasn't congesting my computer(stupid billions of sound files). i eventually wish to take and get a full orchestral layout(all the woodwinds, violins, viola's and everything) and in the same numbers and actually ORCHESTRATE it, but i wanted to get a decent idea of how it might sound before I go about recreating the sheet music for it and having t change EVERYTHING as I go continuously instead of doing it once. Roz, thanks for the advice, Fish, same(if there can really be any advice claimed in that other than simply thrashing me) And, the original track is 'The Landing' from Final Fantasy 8, my name of it 'The Landing of the Orchestra'
  6. http://www.savefile.com/files/1363729 http://www.savefile.com/files/1363918 The first is my original version of the song. After some... careful consideration, I decided to try a different way and went about it the second way. However, I'm still hovering which way is right or wrong. I need some help with this and thoughts and the likes.
  7. Take a listen there. I'm mainly working on the flow of the song at this point, with a good piano sound. I'll either go into an orchestrated version at a later point once I get the rearrangement finished, or make it a duet of piano's of some sort. I'm not entirely sure, but I know it sucks as is right now(and no matter where I post this, people respond with simple 'it's good' comments). Please, advanced critique and such. I want this to be great.
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