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OCR00928 - *YES* Alisia Dragoon 'Halls of Abandonment'

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I'm submitting my remix of a song from Alisia Dragoon for the Sega Genesis.

I believe it was stage 5... but don't quote me. I call it "Halls of


You can download it via the following URL:

My handle is andywho312

My website is http://www.sonicevolver.com

Thank you!


Important Update from DC13:

Hi DarkCecil,

I thought I should let somebody know. I just realized the ID tags on my up-for-judging mix still have my newbie user name in them. While I was at it, I tracked down the original composer, and renamed the file conventionally.

If the updated version is any use to you guys, you can download it here:


The mix itself has not changed.


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Oooh, I like the sound of this. I've never played the game of which this tune came from, yet the melody sounds strangely familiar. I don't see why this mix is being judged on. It sounds too cool to be here in the first place. Mildly repetitive, but it's all worth it as I hear it.


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I'm only 20 seconds into this mix and I've decided to give it a Yes. PLEASE don't screw that up. This sounds good so far. Granted, I've been wooed by your high-quality samples, so I might change my mind. Though this is sounding like what Dave Matthews Techno would sound like. Ah, some variety, there it is. Yeah, why not. I think this has the quality seal to represent the site. Though personally I would have liked to see some slow driving techno drums take place in there somewhere, but... oh well. Can't have everything.



Edit: got carried away by the spirit of things and typed 'no' the first time....

Edit #2: WTF wrong wit j00? - Pro

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Oh WOW. You made this song SO SO SO much better than the original (which is level 6 by the way, took me a while to find it)

I would have gone lighter on the mega reverb/delay guitar.

But you definately get all the stars for the grooves presented here.


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