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  1. just noticed the Jeff Wayne's WotW quote at the end. Of course it was the first time I heard the remix. Can see the influence gjgjjgjg
  2. Better known by his stage name, T-Prot is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actor. His debut album Swamp Sunday, released in 2015, reached number one on the billboard.com's Billboard 200 billboard. His third studio album, 1nspiration, will be released in 2024. Check out the teaser from the signature track on Swamp Sunday! http://tiny.cc/7aobwx __________________
  3. Since I'm being asked about this project a lot I thought I'd post a recap of the recent unfortunate and unexpected events here. My main motivation is to come to a peaceful resolution where Snesology can have its domains back. In short: It appears that the creator of this 16bit collective project has deliberately attempted to (I can't think of a nicer way to put it) sabotage Shnabubula's Snesology website in order to coincide with the release of this site. In the interests of good faith and fair play I will at first say that the creators of Snesology welcome any interest or collaborations in original SNES music and similar endeavors, and seeks in no way to compete with or deride any alternate projects such as this one. The reason for this post is because what has occurred is both very real and very consequential to the well-being of the Snesology projects and this budding community. Here are the events as I understand it. * William Kage submits a song to Snesology which gets posted. * It is made known publicly and to him that Snesology is working on launching their website. * According to the WHOIS dates, roughly a few days later, three domains snesology.org, snesology.net, and snesology.com were purchase by William Kage * Shortly after, William showed interest in playing an admin/tech role at Snesology, but was turned down as there was no need for additional administration or tech. He does not mention at this time that he already owns the domains. * A few days later, a purchase for snesology.org was made in an attempt to go live with the site. (This is when I started working on the project) It was then I became aware that the site had been recently purchased. Kage's personal info was on the domain WHOIS so we contacted him about it. * Kage suggests he would like to handle all the domain-related tasks. After some discussion it was decided that he would turn all three domains over, but maintain control of the domain account itself. * Because the domain transfer can only be done 60 days after a purchase, this situation set us back on our launch by two months. The date we can finally apply to transfer the domains is roughly right now. * When I went to finalize the transfer, I noticed the password has been changed and I had no access to the domains anymore. I managed to reset the password and begin the transfer process of one of the domains, but I'm not sure how far along this process is. Basically we have no idea if we will get control of these domains in the end. * While we wait to find out what will happen, 16 bit collective launches. Thus I am asserting that Kage has subverted Sam's Snesology project and delayed it (and possibly disabled it) long enough to launch his own. A very troubling, unnecessary, and unprovoked development. As I said before, Snesology welcomes all the interest in the world, wants nothing more than to promote and continue Shnabubula's awesome vision and hard work, and does not feel compelled to compete with or have a rivalry with anyone else. I wish you the best in your new endeavors, but it simply did not have be be done this way. I want to apologize if this post was a bad idea. I do not plan to respond in this thread or about this topic going forward, but I felt compelled to dispel any rumors, and clear up this confusion, and hopefully get our domains back so we can go live
  4. While we're setting up the main site feel free to send your submissions or any questions to snesology@gmail.com looking forward to hearing what you come up with!
  5. While 'good music' is certainly among the highest priorities for the SNESology community, the #1 goal as I understand it is to stick as close to the many minutiae, intricacies (and limitations) of the SNES onboard SPC chip. That is to say, the goal is to make music as if it was from an actual game release. While this sounds kinda obvious, the point is not to just make a 'great song' using 'SNES samples', but to make a 'SNES song' as if you were commissioned to work on some imminent SNES game release. As per the Mission Statement, Hope I got that right! It's actually that aspect of SNESology that intrigues me the most since I love working within strict limitations. Tends to bring out the creativity
  6. Then it sounds like there is no problem. As I mentioned before, the reason they didn't respond to you directly was because the issue was technical and they passed it on to me. Now that we're all better organized, I doubt very much any such communication lags will occur in the future.
  7. Just to clear a few things up. Meteo isn't actually banned from the project. Additionally he has expressed no desire to be part of it. Furthermore any such 'tiff' as it was called had nothing to do with Snesology in any regard. Sorry if I got any of the details wrong. This is only my understanding. From this point on, if everyone could keep the discussion related to the topic I'd greatly appreciate it. As I said before, for any lingering concerns please email me directly and I'll handle them promptly (No PMs, since I probably don't check those frequently) thxthxthxxx
  8. Guess I'm still confused. Aside from the domain issue which, being technical, was handed off to me to respond to, and I did, was there other issues someone was not responding to? I'd be happy to address any lingering concerns in private, but otherwise see no cause for dramatic (and rather public) personal attacks, as exemplified by your above post. 1. In other words, you're making it clear to everyone that you're upset about something, but not saying what that something is. 2. You're doing it publicly in a release thread which will only serve to attach drama to Snesology where no drama existed before.
  9. The last month shes been forwarding them to me and I've been responding to you, I thought, rather expeditiously, since I am handling all the technical aspects of Snesology. Were there any lingering matters not yet addressed?
  10. absolutely not a lawyer. His tact indicates he isn't even advised by one.
  11. If they can't refer you to the patent in question, there probably isn't one. If they decide to make one now, make sure you can produce relevant prior art history to defend yourself. I would say you probably should be more passive and not say 'This will be the last correspondence, since I have cooperated with your efforts'. Any indication that you are unwilling to work with them may be used against you, even if it was not the case. It can be misconstrued. Just continue to ask them to produce the patent in question so you can comply with their request. Hint that your lawyer advised you thus far even if you have no lawyer. In my experience, suggesting you are being professionally advised usually ends the conversation. good luck
  12. I've always held that songs of more nuanced (or simple) genres should be judged at higher standards than those of more general genres, in particular on qualifications specific to those genres. For example, a piano-only song should be judged on qualifiers related to live performance ability and song complexity. A chip-tune submission would have to really be 'something special' to get a Yes vote. Due to its limited nature, the chip-tune essentially gets a free pass on many qualifiers other songs are judged on; mastering, instrument selection and usage, dare I say it - groove bias. Therefore it must (seemingly unfairly) be subjected to higher quality standard in composition, performance, arrangement, and accessibility. The two main reasons for this are: 1. An attempt to balance out qualifiers that do not apply (mastering etc) with stricter qualifiers that apply to all songs, to maintain a level submission standard 2. A way to avoid a surge in 'floody' submissions that would occur when people focus on (arguably) simpler genres in order to pass the submission standard. Example, if a person sucked at mastering and produced sub-par listenability with their songs, that person might decide to 'switch' to chip-tunes for the added benefit of having a higher chance at getting accepted. Not to say that person doesn't enjoy chip-tunes, or doesn't have a special talent at composing in chip-tune. The same logic applied to piano songs where some people (sam) could literally sit down, switch on a mic, and spit out a work of art with little to no prior planning or work. If he wanted to (and ocr willing) he could have submitted 120 excellent piano remixes by now. So basically, yes. Allow chip-tunes, but know that your chances of being posted in that medium are likely related to whether or not your artist name starts with s or v
  13. I'd say your in-game picture reflects the same point she made. I would say it was very obvious they were going for sex appeal
  14. If you enjoy this remix I highly recommend checking out every single Estradasphere album. Definitely one of my favorite bands.
  15. Impressive work from a talented musician. Track 1 is my favorite. If you don't get this album; self-pwnt.
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