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Geonosis WIP


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Helloooo OCR~

I certainly have been gone awhile. Branched off from doing remixes to start on my own work.

Well I decided since this song will feature early video games synths, it should go here.

anyways, tell me what you think. It's still pretty developmental, so anything you say will factor into the final production of it. Thanks in advance


Style: Trance *rolls eyes*

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i like the chiptune sounds, but i think they need to be a little louder in the mix once the bass kicks in... especially in the beginning.. later on they are a little more prominent.

not sure what it is, but there seems to be a lot of high end "washes" crowding things up... i guess they are cymbal crashes with lots of verb?

the bassline is quite good.

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I agree that chiptune sounds could use some beefing up. In my opinion the melody is a little bit too quiet for the majority of the song. The drums and bass line take up most of the space in your sound environmnet.

I like the epic build ups, like at 1:47 and I like how at the end it fades out into a NESy style.

Overall, this song is pretty sweet.

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Thanks for the feedback, I'll get working on the things you said.

This is the complete song, but since I just read your comments I didn't get to implement them in this file. But if you still wanna listen to it:

Geonosis [(WIP 2.0)]

It's longer with more variations and the such. : D

I know there's some frequency problems at the break percussion, so I'll work on that.

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