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  1. Back with some more original stuff. This time a little different. Softer despite it's bpm. A lot of contrasting elements like the soft lead and the harder distorted bass. It's been really interesting to work on though. : D http://files.filefront.com/no+57+testmp3/;9881809;/fileinfo.html feedback is appreciated.
  2. So ironic that I had to go to your MySpace to hear how you don't want me on your MySpace page. XD Loved the song. Now I feel like stalking you just to piss you off. Also ironic because I finally went to my MySpace page after years of fighting the conformity. (I'm so ashamed) Good work
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I'll get working on the things you said. This is the complete song, but since I just read your comments I didn't get to implement them in this file. But if you still wanna listen to it: Geonosis [(WIP 2.0)] It's longer with more variations and the such. : D I know there's some frequency problems at the break percussion, so I'll work on that.
  4. Helloooo OCR~ I certainly have been gone awhile. Branched off from doing remixes to start on my own work. Well I decided since this song will feature early video games synths, it should go here. anyways, tell me what you think. It's still pretty developmental, so anything you say will factor into the final production of it. Thanks in advance http://files.filefront.com/no+55mp3/;9682719;/fileinfo.html Style: Trance *rolls eyes*
  5. okay, panning, meshing of harmonies, lower drums, I'll switch up the arrangment, change the original source tune the second time around, turm up the bass, and basically just smooth it all out. ^^ okay, gotta lotta work ahead of me. Haven't been on OCR in a while but I'm glad I'm getting some feedback. I knew the whole arrangment would be a problem I just hadn't decided what to do with it yet, but now I'll get crackin'. : D
  6. ha. I'm still alive. And I've improved~ Tell me if it's too overpowering Sora-SkullCandi/DigitalComa
  7. I haven't forgotten about this project. But I'm getting REALLY itchy to submit my Dustman Remix to OCR.;;; But I really wanna be in this project. It just needs some mastering and it's done.
  8. Glad to see it's back up. I've finished my track the way I want it, but I'll post it later so people can critique it.
  9. This song was pretty old and I decided it was time for me to touch it up a bit. The overall theme became sort of hectic. It's really a style I can't label. But it has lots of energy, more than my Dustman remix. So if you liked that one, this one has more of what you liked. Sora - Synergy p.s. I was experimenting with making the whole thing repeat friendly.
  10. RAWRmonkies. I mean... here...update: Sora - Dustman I added some underlying synths and stopped most clipping. (There's still some in the climax to be fixed.) Any and all comments welcome!! (I hope you have good headphones...)
  11. It's really interesting because that version had no compressors or soft clippers. I ended up fixing those problems already. The sidechain and the kick overpowered everything else. I've yet to work on the percussion. I usually spend a couple days on it, so it's unique and random. Thanks for the comments. It's so nice to finally get some for a song like this.
  12. "sex for the ears" Greatest. Compliment. Evar!!! Thank you, I'm going to work hard to add more to it later today.
  13. My computer died again. I saved some stuff but not recent .flps or mp3s. I decided to start anew. So I decided to cover this song again. It worked out really well. I did almost all of it in less than one day. Today I started on the clipping and volume issues. I like how it's come out so far but if I should change anything, feedback will be greatly appreciated. Well enough talk....there's the song *points* Sora-Restart(Dustman)
  14. hiyo again everybody. I was wondering if anyone had that old Sky Sanctuary song I attempted for the project. I wanna see if I've really improved since then Sorry if this was waaayyy off topic. P.S. I'm doing a new version: http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=5308
  15. well that was to be expected even if I didn''t have all these family problems and did make a track, I probably wouldn't have made it past the final cuts anyway.(even if I have improved during this month without the internet) so yeah, I'm not gonna be here for 2 more months and it's not like it really matters anyway. Good luck with the project and make me proud KFC
  16. awwwwww I was really looking forward to your stuff (as always )
  17. same with me. I just won't be on for long enough to to talk to Hadyn about the collab. (but he can send me a .flp from time to time and I'll give him feedback) edit: and yes, Hadyn I know you can't get to it and it's okay.
  18. yeah...school's ending and I don't have an ISP at my house anymore so I'll be off the internet for 3 months. O.o sorry Hadyn, I might be able to come on a couple times, but not long enough for us to get much stuff done. There's a slight chance I'll be back on, but I doubt we'll have anything done. (still talking to Hadyn) if you want, you can come up with enough stuff to pass the deadline and I'll be back by the next next deadline. (to KFC:) you can kick me off if you want or wait to see if I can come back to post stuff. And um... good luck.
  19. since I'll probably be gone in the next few days: http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=3913 It's only the stuff I worked on. When Hadyn's done juggling his busy life style we'll put something entirely new together. (poor Hadyn's always busy ) and Snappleman never really answered the question of: "Should we have the S3 intro start the second CD?".
  20. I meant would you rather have the Menu Select or the S3 Intro/S&K Intro to start off the CD? OTHER FORUM'S LINK IN SIG. USE FOR ART AND CD DISCUSSION
  21. what I meant to say was "for the second CD what would be the intro?" (at least that's what I was asking KFC)
  22. *flail* take me off Sky Sanctuary already. Mine's sucked so I stopped working on it ages ago. And Hadyn's been busy (as to be suspected ) so we'll probably just be posting the same one that I posted before. (my copy not the collab.) and I was wondering, do you guys want an intro song? (the sonic3 intro song?) [( I PMed KFC)] [({I'm impatient})]
  23. After pressing the "OK" button, I can still nagivate the file with few errors. However, when I try to play it, no sound is produced. If I press the exit button, FL Studio stalls. I've trade saving to a different file, deleting all the effects, and deleting all channels except for 3x OSC. The same problem is produced. Any suggestions? I wasn't terribly far along, but it'd be annoying if I would have to begin again. Thankyou. I had the same problem as you. It deleted my first song for the S3&K project (and many more songs). I don't think there's a way to fix it. You just have to save multiple copies of your .flp regularly.
  24. Beatdrop left... that is like the most crippling blow to this project yet... I was sure his mix was gonna be great... ah well, I dropped Sky Sanctuary. It was useless for me to try and keep going. Unless I get some major motivation on it after I finish Staff Roll. Speaking of Staff Roll, put me down as "colab" with Haydn, since he has some major plans to fix the whole song there's a lot of collabs going down on this project. It's good because 2 heads are better than one.
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