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*NO* Secret of Mana 'Distorted Star' *FT*


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GrayLightning has been waiting almost two months for this one.

Hey djp' date='

It's your friendly new-age oc mixer again. ^_^ My next OC submission since my Schala Memories Lost in Time is Secret of Mana's Star of Darkness. This is a slightly updated version of what was posted on vgmix on october and is/was easily my most popular arrangement. This is a blend of new age, soft rock and orchestral.

Sorry the ID tags are messed up, our good friends at mp3.com decided to change it, and change the genre to blues as well, go figure.

Title: Distorted Star

Game: Secret of Mana

File Url: (2.9 MB, 3:10, 128kbps)

OC Handle: GrayLightning

Email: [email']thegraylightning@yahoo.com

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DarkCecil13: wow. this is excellent

DarkCecil13: thus far

DarkCecil13: nice strings

DarkCecil13: the drums are definitely different. a little on the weird side, but they're catchy.

thegraylightning: cool ^_^

DarkCecil13: I like the tempo changes

DarkCecil13: the building part at like 2:10 is cool

That sums it up.


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This mix is rather confusing. Its not at all solid. The percussion is kinda... really bad. It sounds like it was made with a random drum generator.

There are velocity problems with the bass kick etc.

There isnt anything interesting about the guitar.

I feel like the whole song has a bunch of color tone problems, instruments that dont fit well together.

In whole, the song hit me with a very bad vibe. I would work better on the instrument choice, percussion, and arrangement of the melody.


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The guitar is bad. If you'll notice, I don't use guitar in many (if any) of my songs, and the reason I don't is because I don't have guitar samples that are good enough, or real enough to use in such an obvious fashion.

That alone kills it for me. And the generalmidi-kit-sounding drums bug the hell out of me.



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