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Ubuntu Studio now available without installing Linux

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Sort of. Not really.

The next release of Ubuntu will directly support (i.e. include) Wubi. Wubi installs Ubuntu to a file on your hard disk, and (as far as I can tell) adds an entry to C:\boot.ini to boot it. This means you don't have to install the OS proper to boot into it and use it; it's a file on your hard drive. You do have to leave Windows.

Ubuntu Studio contains an array of multimedia (music, video, image) software. No I don't know how to use it. Anyone who wants to play, here's a sane way to do so. If there's something you don't like in an app, file a bug on it on launchpad.net, use something else, maybe in 2 releases they'll fix it.

Wubi itself uses a somewhat unstable storage architecture. The whole system is in a file; instead of being in a file system on disk, it's in a file system in a file in a file system on disk. This basically means if you crash/lose power, you've got a MUCH better chance of breaking it (file systems aren't reliable media, they're meant to run on top reliable media!). I designed something like this in 2004; it lasted through 3 hard reboots the first time, 4 the second. I determined it a very bad idea. On the up side, the worst you'll do is break Ubuntu, but not Windows.

I'll figure out what's going on with 8.04 when it gets released. You can find more information on Wubi (as separated from Ubuntu) here: http://wubi-installer.org/faq.php

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heh, well now that I have my new computer I decided to make a little 40 gig partition for ubuntu studio. I didnt do the crazy windows thing you said, but I thought I would just post here. Theres alot of interesting stuff in here, and I think it will be pretty fun experimenting with everything.

Thanks for reminding me about this, I saw it a long time ago and wanted to try it out, but I forgot untill now. :D

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