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OCR00942 - *YES* Tales of Phantasia 'Merriment in Morlia'


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Pretty good stuff . . . - djp

That's the url for the mix.

If you decide that it makes the cut, I'd like it credited to klm09; however, I'd much enjoy it if you could mention in the ReMix write up that I'm a.k.a. Mikko Nousiainen.

It's not exactly "my" website, but I'm involved with this non-profit game development organisation, Night Skies Productions; the url is http://nsp.davidr.com

You might have to edit the ID3 tag a bit.. sorry about that. I missed the "http://" from the Album field; also, if it's not possible to have two urls in the URL field, take the second one out.

If it refuses to download, it might be due to Angelfire bandwidth limits.. try again in a period of time. I hope I didn't miss out anything.

Oh, my email is mikkonousiainen@ieatcatsforfun.com

Thank you.

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er, I really like the choice of instruments and the arrangement, and maybe it's just me, but I'm hearing a lot of clashing notes, but maybe that's in the original. I... dunno. I'd better listen to the original first.

::goes searching for the original::

Well, after listening to the original, it seems you've completely overhauled the chord progression, which isn't so bad, as I really dig where you've taken it, but it seems you've left the melody and accompaniament in tact enough that there are notes that just weren't intended for your new chord progression. I'd go through and weed out those notes if I were you. Until then, 'cause I'm a nazi, I say:



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