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OCR00948 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'Enter the Frog' *RESUB*


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Well, I've been listening to this for the past half an hour, as foreground and background music, on headphones and on speakers, but I still can't bring myself to pass it. It's got very groovy ideas for sure, but the package seems lackluster. The Frog theme a la flute, a repetitive bass loop, and some percussion tagging along. The synth lead sounds sticky and faint, like static in the sound, if that makes any sense, and the floating bass is washed out and messy. I'm enjoying the style and mood of the sequencing, but not the remix in its entirety...

Listening from 2:43 to 3:09, I could honestly mistake this for a work in progress. I think the instrumentation could use some reworking, the exceedingly dissonant sections some clearing up, and the end product some remastering, because my gut instinct says that there's still much to be improved here before this smooth take on the Frog theme can be posted.


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