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Eco Quest 1: Search for Cetus


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This is an oldschool dos run game by Sierra. It was a point and click adventure game (like Space quest/Kings quest) based around diving and helping out sea animals you encounter while doing your part for the enviroment.

At the end of the game during the climax 3 songs are played and are all absolutely fantastic. I could never find the actual game ripped music only bad midi rehashes that never sounded half as good as the originals.

I actually managed to find them today in all their glory on this site:


In .ogg format

There is also a youtube video showing these final scenes in the game with the music: http://youtube.com/watch?v=_p1ejhOglkY

Direct links to downloads: - "Cetus" by Chris Brayman - "Defeat Of Flesh Eater" by Chris Brayman - "Champion's Welcome Home" by Chris Brayman

My favorite "Track 25 - Defeat of Flesh Eater" would deffinatly be my favorite of the bunch and in my opinion ranks up there with oldschool Megaman music.

I don't think many people played or have even heard of this fun oldschool adventure game but some of the songs really need aawesome remixes done for them.

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this or bothers to check out the songs (Track 25!!)

- Dekkon

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