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  1. This is an oldschool dos run game by Sierra. It was a point and click adventure game (like Space quest/Kings quest) based around diving and helping out sea animals you encounter while doing your part for the enviroment. At the end of the game during the climax 3 songs are played and are all absolutely fantastic. I could never find the actual game ripped music only bad midi rehashes that never sounded half as good as the originals. I actually managed to find them today in all their glory on this site: http://queststudios.com/quest/eq1cd/eq1cd.html In .ogg format There is also a yo
  2. This is the first Remixed song, heavy on Lyrics, that I actually enjoyed. Great job!
  3. I'm a Huge Morrowind fan. Ive played the game on and off since it came out and own both expansions. But, I honestly could not tell this song was from morrowind until the theme it was based off of came in slightly at 1:09 and agian at 1:56 and a bit afterwards. I don't mind the remix but it just doesn't feel like Morrowind to me. Seems like it's from a completely different game. Still a nice song though.
  4. This is a truely great remix. I just recently heard it and fell in love with the atmosphere it creates in my mind when I listen to it. I love the drums in the background. One of my favorite songs on the site.
  5. Did anyone ever manage to get a score for this song? So one could attempt to play it? I'm just wondering.. I'd really like to play it.
  6. I love this song. I like big epic sounding music and this fits perfectly. Awesome job!
  7. To be honest, *I* haven't really enjoyed a song as much as this for quite some time. I love the guitar and the beat. Great stuff!
  8. I'm into all that is ambeint, this is a great song, with a strong midde that's composed very well. Smoothly done! Great job.
  9. I've waited so long for a good remix of this song! And then BAM! this is it! Great quality, great voice synth, great beat, great SONG!! Highly recommened!!! Woo!
  10. MmmMmm Organs! At first i didn't care much for this song, it slowly grew on me. Now i really like it. It sounds great, and the organ sounds wonderful. Kinda erie type music, quite different, but in a good way
  11. I really enjoyed this Remix. I like the beginning, its fluent in an eratic sort of way. I just generally like the beat and the sound. Good stuff, very different from most songs here. If you haven't downloaded it i suggeest you give it a shot
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