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Sonic tracks with lyrics


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I'd love for some people to come up with lyrics and/or actual lyrical remixes to some of the classic Sonic tunes. Here are some requests:

Mystical Cave Zone

Oil Ocean Zone

Metropolis Zone

Sky Chase Zone

Sonic 2 Ending

HydroCity Zone (act 2)

IceCap Zone

Launch Base Zone

Lava Reef Zone (even though it's already been done with "Lover Reef")

Death Egg Zone (the S&K version)

Doomsday Zone

Sonic 3 final boss

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These have all been done with lyrics. Oil Ocean and Ice Cap remixes are on this site even. Just give it another look.

Can you give me links to the ones not on the site? And even if there are lyrical remixes (like I said I have already heard Lover Reef) I'm saying there should be more. Someone should make a lyrical Metroid mix as well.

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