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  1. The super pulled back high-pads feel like they're a bit behind the rest of the song. Don't know if it's too much echo or reverb, but it's really distracting. I would probably tone down the volume on the wind SFX when it overlaps with music halfway. There's some good interplay between lead and response, but whenever things get desynched slightly it's hard to settle into the groove. Definitely check the attack timing on some of those backing instruments or let them fade into the back more. Keep up the good work reppin' Golden Sun tracks not named Venus Lighthouse.
  2. Not only that but, Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace) did music for it. That alone is probably worth the price of admission.
  3. Man, two awesome sources and I came up blank. Had a short Dreamer WIP but I scrapped it. Congrats to NinjaPirateDan on the big win. Looking forward to next round.
  4. Thasauce seems to be down for submissions. Otherwise mine would already be there.
  5. I love how this reps the Southern Face Shrine, rather than the Dungeon music. Good blend of the three themes for any fans of medleys that don't necessarily feel like medleys.
  6. Everyone is afraid of facing Sir_Nuts. I feel like this is the 4th or 5th time in one of these competitions that he's had an opponent quaking in their boots too scared to submit.
  7. - Catchy rhythm piano melodic riffs - Abrupt modal shift in the last 20% of a song. - Verses or a chorus that has a different harmonization than the one previous. - Walking basslines
  8. Hard source. Decided to go the easy route with very minimal arrangement and vocals.
  9. Yes... In about 15 years we will have TWO music making Getmans. Excellent!
  10. Not a bad round if I do say so myself. Votes to arrive shortly.
  11. I can only think of one other Jazz Jackrabbit PrC, and I was the only entrant in that one. Hopefully this garners more attention. Edit: I guess there were two, and I only entered one.
  12. I welcome this new entry to the Mazedude line of work. Much like the phantom, the ways of funk-tracking will be passed down in due time. Congratulations!
  13. Sir_nuts entered? Man, just when you might have a chance. The more the merrier, anyway.
  14. If all else fails I have two separate versions of my entry, one faster and one slower. I'm going to do some fine tuning before submitting though.
  15. Thank you Sggod, for submitting. It makes me happy when there are entries.
  16. I certainly hope that this source garners more than one entry. I figured I'd go for a more well known series in hopes of attracting some more entries.
  17. So yeah, this is good stuff. Anyone wanting decent Splash Woman mixes will go away satisfied.
  18. Dear JerryTerry, in your votes you mentioned how awesome it would be if there was Phoenix Wright Musical. There is in fact one out now - http://www.pwmusical.com/. Thank you for your time.
  19. So, any plans for doing the item acquirement stance for the ring exchange?
  20. Oh snap. Sign up period is over already? Looks like I'll have to do this next year and keep my on and off cycle going.
  21. Haven't been able to get LoL to work on my laptop, which is currently my only computer. I used to play Soraka, Sion, Alistair and Singed. Last time I played Malzahar was the newest hero on the block. I would guess a whole hell of a lot has changed since then.
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