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Drum composition/processing question

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I'm not too experienced with drums. I'm trying to recreate a certain drum sound/style, but I am having problems. I can't tell if I'm using the wrong instruments or if I just need to process it differently. Here is the type of sound I am going for:

In a cologne commercial:

At 00:13 the drums come in.

From Angel, a Massive Attack song:


Go to 1:40. The drums start at 2:02.

The drums have a sound to it that makes it kind of muffled and slightly detuned (maybe). It is most apparent on the cymbals (or whatever kind of metal crash that is). How do you get that effect? Can you help identify the individual sounds on the cymbal? It's like a ride or bell that sounds really thick, and maybe a snare? Is that sound just a special kind of instrument, or is it a normal drum set with processing applied to it?

So what would you do to try to recreate this style of sound? Thanks.

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Fool around a little bit, see if you can find a way to make something close, don't be afraid to try running odd things on your drums (chorus, phaser etc.) You might be surprised what you can come up with.

And yes, that does seem to be some compression, I fooled around a bit and you can get a very similar effect by running it through an intense compressor. I used FL Studio's compressor with -60 threshold, 30:1 ratio, boost 30 gain, 0 attack, 1ms release. I had to boost the gain after but you get a similar sound to that.

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Yeah, this is mostly lots of heavy/messy compression and possibly some distortion. If you have Reason, the Tape Distortion setting on the Scream unit is really good for this. VST's that are good are blockfish and Camelphat/Camelcrunch. Look for stuff that purports to be analog style. Compressors that are transparent won't do this as well.

I wish I had Scream in VST!

The last song I did, "But Underneath All That" has drums sort of like this.

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I think I've got something like it. The kick sounds about right, but the cymbal stuff doesn't sound quite right. I think it may just be a compositional issue. I'm not really sure what drum sounds should go where.

Does anyone have any tutorials or resources on drum sequencing for a non-drummer? I'm really interested in learning how to make some good drum parts with a midi sequencer, but I have no experience in drumming. I don't know what all the things you hit are called, and I don't know the theory behind what sounds good with what.

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