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Sonic CD 'The Tidal Tempest Beat'


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This one's a little early, but I figure I'll show off a little of what I'm working with here.

Version 0.01: http://camp.misterworm.net/shadixstash/beatempest.mp3

I was just playing with some samples I had, got a beat going, sounding oddly Timbaland-y, wasn't really sure what to do with it as OC ideas weren't coming to mind. I was listening to Tidal Tempest Past and thought, "hmm... this is perfect". As a testament to my lovely need to fulfill my urge of exporting unfinished music, the last 16 bars shouldn't even be in this export :(.

Although, at the same time another idea came to mind for the same track, and I'm not sure which idea is going to stick. The latter was meant to be more of a feel good hip hop mix along the lines of "Hey Ya" by Outkast. I was planning on having vocals and everything, however, my main problem seems to be that the source track is very much in minor.

http://camp.misterworm.net/shadixstash/clipforotherversion.mp3 Just a little 4 bar beat for this version.

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Not my genre. And I have no idea what you're talking about.

It's kind'a cluttered, you should see if EQ could dampen some of the background things so they don't interfare with whatever your main rhythm is. You may have to move stuff around, tho. It's all kind'a exposed and unprocessed. EQ to filter out redundant frequency ranges and dampen ones that are cluttering.

Drums lose their energy once the track gets going, so you should probably compress it more. Drum panning is a little annoying too, especially the snare.

It's also repetitive. That could be genre thing, tho I recommend doing some slight variations anyway. Melodic changes in the lead, changes in the chord progression, fills for the drums, stuff like that. Consider changing up the arrangement and not just the individual part writing.

Overall, the writing sounds okay, arrangement is a bit weak, production decent, at least for an amateur. Then again, it's not my genre, so what do I know? Well, I know I listened to it 4 times or so, so it's not unbrearable despite the genre and the issues. That means it's worth working on. :D Good luck with it.

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