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Donkey Kong Country 2 'Lost in a Lost World'


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You've got a host I've never seen before. That's interesting.

First thing I think is bad is the bass. It starts off making pan sweeps annoyingly far (tho the panning works well for the intro if it'd be a bit more subtle), as well as sounding very much in-your-face. You need to EQ it to drop the in-your-faceness. Then it turns out it's also too loud. :P Seriosuly man, drop the bass to nothing, and raise it 'til it sounds like just another part of the mix.

Snare is too weak, especially when it first enters. The other drums sound ok to me, tho the electronic kick felt a bit unfitting. Make it more subtle, introduce it earlier, or use another sample, that's my suggestions.

The calliope-ish instrument at 1:24 seems like it's got too much resonance and too hard (or just too closed) filter. At 1:56 comes an instrument that makes everything clash and sound completely awful. You need to check the sequencing there, to make sure it's not clashing keys. If not, it could be a pitch setting on the synth, which you'd do best to check first as it's easier to fix. And it's a bit too loud.

It does capture the feel well. I recently listened to the source, and I can connect most of it by memory. It does seem like it's following the structure a bit too close. Can comment more in-depth on the source after those production fixes.

Not bad if it hasn't even been half a year since you start with this stuff. I've got some terrible old tracks from my first year, and this sounds way better than that. It does, however, need those fixes.

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