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Mega Man 2 'Enter the MetallMan' v2 (Resub)


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Hi guys (EDIT: and girls, sorry),

I've decided to pick up my NO'ed submission to work on again.


Not a lot in terms of instrumentation: I removed the lead change for the second part, so now it's all Saw. (Get it? Metal blade, Saw..? Never mind...)

Aside from my lame jokes that didn't change at all, I changed the arrangement as well as notched up the tempo just a bit. Removed some repetitive parts, added some changes, more additions/substractions in the drum beats, and made it a tad more flowing.

Anyways, I don't think it's done yet, so listen in and help my inspiration to burst into a whole new level :-o

Download Original Submission

Download WIP Version 2

(Both in MP3, 128kbs)

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Definitely feeling what the J's said about the too synths. The overall arrangement isn't bad, and tho I'm not very familiar with the source, I've heard remixes enough oif it to know what's sopurce, and what's not. The J's seemed not to have too much of an issue with arrangement and source anyway.

I like the drum writing, especially around 1:23 where the ticking "hihats" came in. I thought that was great. There are places where you could spice up the drums a bit, and you should find yourself a new snare or just tweak it. It's weak and way up in the high range, making it sound more like a trashy hihat.

The very first instrument is very exposed, and it sounds too raw. Some faint reverb or a delay could work, and coupling it with a pad, at least for the intro, could improve the sound further. The melody that comes in early seems to fade a little too soon. If you've got a delay on it, you could raise the wet level a little. If not, give the releae, decay, or sustain a nudge up (longer). You might also want to EQ it a little, drop some of its highs.

The 0:14 melody is too simple imo. It needs more complexity. Give it a faint envelope&lfo-controlled volume/pitch/cutoff modulation, or some other nice change to the sound. And the way it cuts off at 0:18 isn't cool. You'll have to refine that bit. Not playing the full melody there is a good thing, tho, so don't lose that.

0:53, not that cool. At 1:08 it gets cool, but you'll need to do more intricate things with it before then. Consider some severe bandpass automation for that part, just to make it more interesting. You might also want to EQ it so it doesn't hog up all the mids.

The lead that comes in at 1:00 could be a little more interesting - soundwise. Also, it gets kind'a old over time, so you could bring back one of the earlier leads. As far as writing goes, it's pretty good, with bends and all. You could do some mod wheel things with it too. Its sound, however, is too simple. Pulse width modulation would be pretty cool there, tho almost any fairly slow lfo-controlled parameter change would improve it. Just don't go overboard with this or any of the tweaks I suggest.

The J's suggested additional elements, and I think a pad would be a good choice of additional elements. It could be a fairly high-range thing, perhaps even to the extreme - but it'd have to be soft.

Overall, this has a lot of potential, so good luck refining it.

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Hey, thanks for the pointers! Now I have something I can work to, since I couldn't really grasp more intuitive ideas with it. I'll get to work on this again after I finished my Duck Tales Remix of the Moon, which is also posted here. I've got some ideas jotted down for it, so "I'll be back" with it...

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