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megaman 2 (gameboy) clash man


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True. There was some very interesting and unique tunes from that game that go largely unnoticed, of which Crash Man (mispelled in-game as Clash Man) probably is the best.

I think the reason it goes unnoticed is due to the horrendous way the chipset sounds in that particular game, which is odd because it sounds just fine in Dr. Wily's Revenge. (/me shrugs) Either way, this is definitely a tune worth doing.

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Hi! Along w/ Clashman, i'd like to hear a couple of other songs from MM2 (Gameboy) remix'd. Such as:

The Title Theme:








and lastly, Hardman:


as you probably well know by now, these songs are very different from their NES counterparts and are very good and different takes on the bosses they pertain to. But they definitely are in need of an update, or modernization if you will.

Thanks in advance, if even for just glancing at this request.

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