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Tropic Thunder


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I can't believe this movie doesn't have its own thread. Totally deserving. One of the best movies you'll see all year, guaranteed. Ben Stiller is a complete fucking genius (he directed, co-wrote, co-produced, and also co-wrote the screenplay), Robert Downey Jr.'s acting is totally phenomenal, Jack Black is at his funniest since School of Rock, there's so many god damn cameos and they're all hilariously written in. I mean, half the people that were in this movie I didn't know about, so I was totally shocked each time one came into play. But yes, all in all, HILARIOUS movie with a pretty considerable amount of action, and I think it probably has the best beginning to a movie I've ever seen. Caught me TOTALLY off guard.

Go. See. This. Movie.

As a side note, I caught a late showing at one of the smaller theaters, so there were probably only 30-40 other people in there besides me, but everyone in there was dying with laughter. I can't wait to buy it on DVD. I'll PROBABLY go see it again.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and this isn't one of those movies where they showed you all the funniest scenes in the trailer. Not by a LONG shot. Considering how much violence and profanity there is in this movie, it's not surprising they left the absolute funniest scenes out of the trailer.

EDIT 2: One more thing. I hate Tom Cruise with a firey passion. He's totally batshit insane. HOWEVER, I will definitely say this is probably my favorite acting role of his EVER. One of his scenes was far and away my favorite in the entire movie. I was in tears.

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Beatdrop speaks truths.

I can't wait to see this again.

Cameos FTW.

Some of the coolest roles for these actors. They may have done better jobs in other movies, but in this one, they really had fun with it.

Beatdrop is totally right about not seeing the best parts in the trailer.

Just go see it.

Oh, and when I went to the theater yesterday, there were people with mental disabilities outside protesting the movie.

It was the icing on the cake for me.

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I saw the movie last night, but only because I was out with people.There were very funny moments scattered throughout the movie, but it dragged quite a bit after the first third of the movie.The bookending felt very contrived and Tom Cruise's antics were only funny because it was Tom Cruise doing them.

Everything would have clicked if the script was just 5% more self-aware and put itself in Adaptation territory.

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