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    Mustin is the owner of record label Mustin Enterprises. The Arkansas based producer's versatility is evident as the multi-instrumentalist is a musical performer, composer, and arranger, covering a full range of work, from film and television music to fully produced album releases.

    Mustin has created a name for himself in the game music community through his hard work. His single-song arrangement releases grew in popularity and after time led to fully produced compilations as well as eventual establishment of the OneUp Studios record label; video game music arrangement troupe, Bad Dudes, and game music cover band, The OneUps.
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  1. @lemnlime Hey, sorry to hear we both had traumatic childhoods. Games will always be special to me for the same reasons you stated. And sorry you didn't dig the mix, but thank you for the constructive feedback! Take it easy
  2. @DimeTower Thanks so much! My name is Mustin, and thank you for enjoying my arrangement!
  3. Thanks, @The Damned! @docnano The music and the sense of adventures were certainly what drew me in! And I've made plenty of remixes since 2011. This is just the first for OCR in that time! Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment!
  4. Dude. I just went through getting locked out and a password reset with total determination to comment on this. This is far and away the best work I've heard from you! This style really compliments the melody well, and your chord substitutions near the end are incredibly tasteful. Fantastic work! Very 80's and I love it. Rock on.
  5. Thanks, yo! I'm planning on redoing this as a video, spruced up in the now. We'll see how long it takes me, but watch out for it!
  6. This is incredible. With the other two documentary films on KickStarter (BEEP & The Player's Score), what a time to be interested in VGM! And freakin' RED BULL of all things is behind this one! I adore this and can't wait for the other episodes. Hearing and seeing Ozawa and Tanaka speak on their experiences, along with excellent camera work and editing - I'm in awe. Thursday can't come soon enough!
  7. I do if zyko doesn't come around. Very sorry but due to a major family implosion, I'm not able to go. So sad. But things are looking good otherwise, despite implosion. If zyko doesn't get back to you, eMail me at mr dot mustin atttttttttt gmailz and I'll find out how to transfer it. Blammo. EDIT: I found my registration and it says you have until midnight September 10 to transfer to someone else so get at me!
  8. Wait, never mind, put me in 72712
  9. Awesome, thanks for this!
  10. Found this amazing map today of where Chiptune artists, video game bands, etc. are located: http://chiptuneswin.com/blog/chipartists-list-and-map/ Wondering if there's something like this for the OCR folks? I just moved to Henderson KY just south of Evansville IN and would like to know where are the VGM lovers/makers are is at am. I tried searching the forums but didn't find anything. lol hlep?
  11. Reg'd. The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters.
  12. Fangamer.net. I support this. Full disclosure - they sell my stuff, but there's a reason I pushed so hard for them - I love their company and was a patron long before a partner.
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