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moi et la musique - Please read, as many as possible -Thx-

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Since I've been very young I've had a lot of energy to use, loved to dance and sing along on songs and stuff. Later I learned a bit of the guitar, started in a band and learned from there, and later on I started taking lessons - I have a cheap classic guitar and a electric Fender Stratocaster to 873 bucks. But, while I took lessons and learned, my love for the Piano grew. I'm a gamer so I've listen to my share of soundtracks and seen my share of films with music too - My favorits are Jeremy Soule & Howard Shore - I felt and still feel, that through a piano I'll be able to express myself and play the songs a like, better. Almost everyone I've heard started out playing Piano, and it's really nice to do arrangements with it - All in all - I like it, I love it^_^

So I wanted to ask - All you remixers out there doing your MIDI keyboard & guitar and making crazy cool stuff - Especially Freemind, GrayLightning n' Suzumebachi -

Do you play the piano or are you guitarists? - Is it about possible to do such wonderful music being that guitarist? Have you just learned the piano by yourself or? Can I make that Factions Theme Arrangement with the guitar?

I'll probably go to piano lessons anyway since I like it that much - Do you get this post? I don't - lol -

Dunno if this is the right forum O.o


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Can I make that Factions Theme Arrangement with the guitar?

Better yet - you can suck at an instrument and still rock at arrangements and composition, because what you write down / click in is music theory, not instrument proficiency.

The reason piano works better is because it's the chosen interface for a controller, and because the (relatively) wide keyboard spans ranges of several instruments - which means you don't have to switch to jump from violin to cello and you can do both with a sampling library.

The "interface" of a guitar differs from a piano - notes are not spread out (the idea of "tabs" for keyboard is rather pointless, anyone with an alternative system of notation still has to beat the existing one in conciseness and expression - and they had centuries to debug and append that standard, so you might as well just give up), the note range is not as big, notes do not automatically stop playing (muting is not the default), and all that. This makes you approach arrangements differently by default. It's good to have the knowledge of both (and more) since what is trivial for a computer can be impossible for a human being and vice-versa.

Get those lessons and keep up your guitar playing and study (contemporary) composition and arrangement. It's all knowledge, and you won't be worse off because of it.

Do you get this post? I don't - lol -

It'd really help if you'd use a sensible topictitle, ask what you want to ask directly (and explain later) ;) .

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