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  1. 'ello! So I was wondering. What's the better remix computer? A stationary one or a laptop? Ofc. it depends on the specs from each of the computers, but just wanted to hear some opinions - Is a Mac a good choice fx.? -Thanks
  2. Since I've been very young I've had a lot of energy to use, loved to dance and sing along on songs and stuff. Later I learned a bit of the guitar, started in a band and learned from there, and later on I started taking lessons - I have a cheap classic guitar and a electric Fender Stratocaster to 873 bucks. But, while I took lessons and learned, my love for the Piano grew. I'm a gamer so I've listen to my share of soundtracks and seen my share of films with music too - My favorits are Jeremy Soule & Howard Shore - I felt and still feel, that through a piano I'll be able to express myself and play the songs a like, better. Almost everyone I've heard started out playing Piano, and it's really nice to do arrangements with it - All in all - I like it, I love it^_^ So I wanted to ask - All you remixers out there doing your MIDI keyboard & guitar and making crazy cool stuff - Especially Freemind, GrayLightning n' Suzumebachi - Do you play the piano or are you guitarists? - Is it about possible to do such wonderful music being that guitarist? Have you just learned the piano by yourself or? Can I make that Factions Theme Arrangement with the guitar? I'll probably go to piano lessons anyway since I like it that much - Do you get this post? I don't - lol - Dunno if this is the right forum O.o -Toby:<
  3. Lifetime garanty8-O Now THAT's Big:razz: Forgot to say that I'll like it a bit cheap since I'm not the one with the most money available to spend on computer realated things. Don't know what'll be yet or when but I was thinking about a 8800 with 512 MB memory. Now I'm not the expert and it'll probably be too expensive then, but is it possible for a heatsink cooler to be better than a fan? Or would it be cheaper just to buy a new fan now and then. (I'm thinking dust and such)
  4. Hello fellow spacemonkeys:350:! Wasn't quite sure where to ask this but here it goes: Uhm, I don't know if it'll be anytime soon, but I've been thinking about buying a new Video card with a Nvidia chip. (Or you could say a "Nvidia Video card" although I think that'll be wrong) The thing is the chips are put on different companies cards. Let's say I want a Nvidia 8800GTS.. They are put on cards from ASUS, Sparkle, Sapphire etc. (ASUS GeF 8800GTS etc.) What would YOU recommend? Are there any difference on the company cards? I know it's also a question about whether or not the 8800GTS have a 250 or 500 MB Video Memory. Oh, and I'm talking company comparring. Whether it's a 8800 or a 7800 depends on needs and not whether it's Saphhire and on. Does this thread give ANY sense? EDIT: Ups.. Sapphire does ATI. sry
  5. I made a comment to this remix before I had played Halo or even heard the soundtrack. Well now I have played the game AND heard the track and I must say that this is a masterpiece. Many of the versions of the halo theme you hear (Guitar hero, bands etc.) does a incredible job at playing the Original Halo Theme. But you guys haven't just taken your synth and then played the actual theme. You have so many new plays in it and the tempo and the way you tacle the track is awesome. Also that, I don't know, asian kinda instruments you use gives it its own spirit. Actually you don't have that much from the original song. I would say a little actually, but that sort of plays behind all the other things in the baggrund and takes the pieces in some places which does that this is in fact a Halo theme. Fx. through the song you have the >>Tabs: 1-3-5-5/3/1 halo thing which does that we reconise the halo theme elements, and it sort of plays the bass while the guitar plays the riffs? Just like gregfrost say, you have the tone of the original theme and then all the things you added yourself:-P So. Amazingly Great work!
  6. Any other suggestions than Movie Maker? Looking to edit something too, but with movie maker your vids. can only be 1500 kbps, and thats kinda mess the whole vid. up. Well it doesn't but I would like something where it's higher/better quality. -Kong Smoelf
  7. Of course you were!! Inspirering is my living:wink:
  8. Thanks for the reply but I solved the problem:smile: The crit rebuild worked just fine:)!! I'm running dual core proc. but it seems to work fine
  9. EDIT: I found the critical rebuild on the internet. Available here <ver.1.68) Now I'm having another problem with the game. Updating. All goes well until the end of the update were some error text displays in the update status box. Now I found a solution on the problem. And that is to run the critical rebuild. But when I click the program it says: "If you are running this program because you encountered an error with Neverwinter Nights, then please do the following: 1. Uninstall Neverwinter Nights. 2. Reinstall Neverwinter Nights Diamond 3. Update your installation with the Neverwinter Nights Update utility. Thank you for your patience. We hope you enjoy playing Neverwinter Nights." Why? Isn't I running the program when clicking?
  10. Plug? That would be nice:-) You see, I play Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and have done so for a long time. This game is my "must". And I am VERY exctited to try the DM client! -KS
  11. Hey again. Thanks for the answer but I found out that all I needed to do was to update to newest patch. But for the future there is a link here: Neverwinter Nights: Black starting menu
  12. (NWN=Neverwinter nights) Hey! My Diamond edtion just arrived. I installed the game, saw the intro movie and then I arrive at the NWN menu. BUT ITS GONE!? My cursor is visible but the menu is ALL GONE. I clicked around in the dark and found the new game. I then go back.. and the menu is VISIBLE. Anybody who knows why this is happening? Links are very welcome. Plz help me:)!! -kongsmoelf
  13. Thanks for the explanations/diffination of the different things! About that ASIO thing; You get these softwares with the product: E-MU Production Tools Software Bundle CD-ROM - Cakewalk SONAR LE - Steinberg Cubase LE - Ableton Live Lite 4 for E-MU - Steinberg Wavelab Lite - IK Multimedia AmpliTube LE - SFX Machine LT - Minnetonka diskWelder BRONZE (trial) - E-MU Proteus® VX (over 1000 sounds included) Well thanks again. -Toby
  14. Hi! I have been recommended the Creative Emu 0404 USB to record my music (Which is nothing special as of the moment) and I understand Nada, of the tech in this description: http://dk.europe.creative.com/shop/product_bundles.asp?category=70&subcategory=0&product=1415&page= . I don't have a soundcard in my computer (Besides some integrated sucking something) My question is: Is there a soundcard of some sort integrated in the product? -Toby
  15. Hi. My dad have this camera (not film camera) Which can take bad sound quali, movies. But... The movies are in .mov format and I can't watch it through windows media player. That is one thing. But another thing is that I also can't import it in Movie Maker, and that is my real problem. Any ideas? -Little T (I know... I have more than one alias, and I switch between them as it suits me:<)
  16. Lost?.... Would anybody recommend some Orchestral samle Library to make som Lost inspired music. Ps. EWQLSO Silver Bundle; WOAW!!! It sounds very good:< But that reverb thing is sad:shock:
  17. Thank you sooooo much for not knowing what to buy etc. because if you did you would not start this thread and I couldn't use it then, to help myself:-P (That may have sounded ironic, but it is true meant:-o) In a simpler way. Thanks for starting the thread and thanks too you replying guy/girls for replying:< And in another simple way::: "This is very usefull":-P Well, I bring a question related to the keyboard thing. I thought about buying a axiom 61 m-audio. Would that be a bad idea? (I am hyperactive right now) -Smoelfen
  18. Ohh... right. Sorry:razz: Yes. I was thinking about a MIDI controller. To be specific I was thinking about this one Yeah. Something like that:-P I take it, it is possible to plug a stereo phone plug in it. Or just some normal speakers with stereo plug.
  19. Hi. Question is: What gear do I need before my (Not that I have one) midi keyboard can play without the computer. Causs a midi keyboard isen't really making any sound, so I thought there must be some gear you can plug it to and then... Sound! Causs I don't really got the money to buy a Midi to a possibly comming amateur studie, AND to buy one that is not Midi and actually make sound. EDIT:....But I guess the thing that would allow me to play on a midi keyboard, costs as much as it would to buy a normal keyboard? -Smoelfen:<
  20. Thanks for the replies. The hole idea was that I wouldn't cost me:-P (Exept those 5$) Well I thought about recording some drums too, and maybe some midi, but that is not the case right now. Guitar and some drumming from free software -Smoelfen:<
  21. Hey. Just wanted to ask what the difference between Vst>i< and Vst are -Kongsmoelf:<
  22. Could you give me a link to the 1/4"-1/8" mono to stereo converter:< -Smoelfen
  23. Well I just used the (what you would call a TRS connector or jack plug:<) to connect the guitar into the computer soundcard, which is, what you said, build into the motherboard. Now I started record in audacity but no sound. It wouldn't even record anything. Is that the problem you just mentioned? About that "jack stik", I just thought that Jack sounded very english, so I thought that "stik" also was a part of the english word. But I mean a TRS connecter/Jack plug/phone plug. -SMoelfen:<
  24. Hi there. Silly question maybe, but... Is it possible to record some guitar, only with a computer and of course.. a guitar? In the future I am going to buy a "studio", or "remixing corner of my bedroom", but until that time comes, I would like to record some guitar. Is that possible only with a guitar and computer? Do I need some PCI or is it possible just to record throught my soundcard? -Smoelfen:< Ps. I got audacity, an amp, a jackstik (of course) and a sterio adapter, and a computer
  25. Oki doki:< (Unfortunally I just remembered that my guitar needs to be active before I can just plug and play trought my soundcard... But thanks. I could use it in the future
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